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Kinked ureter and pyelonephritis

I have a kink in my left ureter near the renal pelvis. I have frequent UTIs that I take long-term antibiotics to prevent, but I still get UTIs sometimes, which have gone on to pyelonephritis several times, always affecting my left kidney. I experience a strong pain and a sensation that something is turning inside out or twisting sometimes when I urinate- I can tell if a particular urination is going to result in this pain because there is a delay before the flow starts. I have had 2 24 hour urinalyses which showed proteinuria on the first one, then no proteinuria but low calcium on the second. I also have scarring in the left kidney. Is there any kind of procedure that could correct this- it is not causing an obstruction apparently but I cannot see how when the problems I have seem to come from that kidney that just doing nothing and taking antibiotics is the best course of action. The pain is sometimes excrutiating, I've ended up on the bathroom floor sometimes because it is so intense- the only good thing is that it doesn't last long, once I have finished urinating the pain has usually subsided although I am left with an ache that can last a few hours afterwards and I'm sure I don't need to elaborate on the pain discomfort and inconvenience of UTIs and pyelonephritis. Does anyone have any experience with this- it seems that because there is no functional obstruction it's not deemed a problem but I can assure anyone that to me it is.
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It appears that you have been to the same caliber of urologist I've been to.  I really sounds like you might have a floating kidney.  When the kidney floats down, the ureter kinks, causing an obstruction.  If they did an IVP laying down and one standing up, they might see exactly what is going on.  

I've been talking to a couple of ladies that have been through pyleplasty for obstruction in thier ureter.  They would know much more than I on that subject.  Their nix is  wildrehab & got_my_life_back.  Not sure if you could do a search on medhelp.  Wildrehab just had pyleplasty a few weeks ago.

What kind of test have they done on you?  Do you have any pictures of your scans?
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after 5 days in the hospital,  3 procdedures under anethesia,one month and two stents it has been discovered that i have a "Kink" in my ureter. Urologist wants to "dilate" my ureter with a special scope. Problem is i have lots of stones remaining in the kidney from lithotripsy which will want to pass through this "kink"
my concern is; will dilation allow the passage of this gravel once the stent is removed.
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It is my opinion that the stent will definitely help the passing of the gravel.  As well as lots of water and watery fruit like watermelon.
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I had a test several years ago, Pyelogram, that determined I had kinking in both ureters.  I was also told that the cells around the Trigone area of the bladder would shed giving me a positive for blood in the urine.  Now, I get frequent urinary tract infections that are usually resolved by drinking mass amounts of water, cranberry pills and juice and/or antibiotics.  The urologist didn't seem too concerned.  But I am.  I saw the ureters during the test.  Is it normal to have so much kinking and will I have problems down the road?  Kidney disease?  Should I have a second opinion?  Or is it harmless?
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The answer to your question is yes,  your condition needs to be monitored.  You can end up with hydronephrosis and kidney damage.  Your dr. should do an IVP and or diuretic renalgram.  These test will see how well your kidneys are draining even under stress (diuretic).

Are you having any symptoms like pain in your back or groin?
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I have had many tests on my kidneys and bladder such as renogram, flexible cystocopy, MRI , nuclear medicine. And they have come back fine my consultant is thinking about discharging me Im always in pain with my abdomen and flank it's worrying me because they can't find anything. When I was born I had kidney reflux and my ureter is shorter than my right one. What should I do? Im only eighteen :(
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It is possible that your pain is due to something else.

Have you had prior surgery that would cause adhesions?  Are you bowel movements normal?  Have they checked your gallbladder?

Just some things to consider.
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