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Need help kidney stones & urologist

I am sorry to even have to bother you or anyone with this issue but I am simply at my wits end .

About a year ago I had severe abdominal /flank pain and went straight to the emergency room at that time they performed a cat scan which revealed that I had 7 kidney stones between both kidneys . I was sent home and told to take x drugs for the pain and the antibiotic for the UTI I had as well . I am given a strainer to strain my urine with and so on . I never catch not a one of the stones.

I am also told to follow up with a urologist . That did not happen for sometime due to multiple personal issues .

I have continued repeated experiences with pain throughout the year and end up in the emergency room again and again .

Each time being told that I have more stones . I also have a great deal of hematuria in my urine to the point I was asked if I was having my menstrual cycle by one of the doctors that answer was a big no as I am in menopause . Have not had a menstrual cycle in almost a year .

I saw a urologist today for the first time . Mind you this is way past overdue but due to insurance and other personal issues this is how long it has taken me to get this resolved plus having to wait a long time for the appointments .

I see this urologist and he looks at my cat scan cd and report and tells me that I need to have a KUB , okay that is fine . I then express to him that I am experiencing a great deal of pain in my left flank area and he tells me I should be hospitalized for this . And proceeds to prescribe me Celebrex . Two months ago during a cat scan for kidney stones it was found that I had abdominal aorta calcification minimal but enough to keep me on my toes with what I put into my body and so on especially after my father suffering from a CABG X 4 less then two years ago from hardening of his arteries . I know that some of the side effects of Celebrex can be heart related and refuse to take this medication . Which is used primarily for arthritis .

Needless to say I was quite upset by that and then he went on to tell me that I may have polyps in my bladder because of the hematuria .

I am literally at a loss , I have waited a long time to get some answers and to feel like I can regain my life back from this whole experience and this is what happens to me .

Confused and discouraged .
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