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Nephrocalcinosis, Cortical Thinning, and Vomitting. Help Please

Hello all I am a 26 year old male on treatment for a Carcinoid Tumor. I was in the ER with blood in urine and vomitting on Friday. They did a renal ultrasounf which showed "Cortical thinning bilaterally with prominent echogenicity in the renal medulla bilaterally. This would suggest the possibility of early or developing medullary
nephrocalcinosis. Clinical correlation is advised." Also my right kidney was apparently small at 8.6 cm long.
ER wasn't much help and told me I need to followup with my doctor. My blood calcium was normal so does this mean I have Qephrocalcinosis or is the kidney finding caused by something else maybe? Is Nephrocalcinosis something to be worried about?
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Medullary nephrocalcinosis refers to deposition of calcium salts in the renal medulla, the innermost part of the kidney. There are many potential etiologies, including but not limited to hyperparathyroidism, hypercalcemia/hypercalciuria, renal tubular acidosis (type 1), and medullary sponge kidney. Please see a urologist for further workup.
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