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Positive and then Negative

A CT scan revealed a 2mm kidney stone... stationary ... then I had a KUB X-Ray.... the x-ray could not see the kidney area because of bowel and gas presence....  Does this mean it's not there or  what??
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Certainly not.  On a CT, kidney stones light-up like a light bulb.  A KUB is nothing more than an X-Ray.  And 2mm is a fairly small stone and is not likely to be seen.  I had a 5mm stone that sometimes could not be seen.  Now when it was 9mm, you could see it very well on the X-ray.  
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Thank you for your prompt response.  I was confused.  My Urologist asked for the CD of the KUB and I will be giving it to him this coming Tuesday so he can review it.  I do get lots of back pain and always have blood in my urine (not visible to the eye thought).  I have no idea how mm are measure or look like but I thought it is small because I have a 5mm tumor in my pituitary and the doctor said it was small so 2mm must be at least twice as small...LOL  

Wow! I guess 9mm is fairly visible and bothersome.  Did they remove it or did you pass it?  Ouch...  Either good luck and feel well...  

Thanks again
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I guess I didn't even know I had such a stone until one day...all of the sudden...it gripped me and threw me on the bed in intense pain.  They told me it was NOT the source of my pain because it was not obstructing anything.  

They lithotripsyed it and broke it down to half.  About 6 months later another doctor did another lithotripsy.  I guess they got it all.  I haven't had a CT since last Feb (a year ago)  Perhaps the flank pain is due to fibromyalgia or lupus.  Who knows??

I do occasionally have blood, nitrites, leuks and protein in my urine.  I go to a urologist the 23rd.  We'll see if he is actually a doctor.  I've been so very disappointed in urologist.  I've been happy with all of the other doctors I've seen, but not any of the 5 urologist.  I think they have all gone to the same schooling.
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You are very funny.  Maybe they did go to the same school...  Well good luck on your next exam...  I don't know if Lupus and stones have any connection but I too get lots of flank pain and I have Lupus...MMMM...

Feel better and God Bless
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I thought I recognized you from the Lupus forum.  I guess that would be an interesting subject for a poll.  "How many lupus patients have a tendacy to form kidney stones?"  

I had a stone in the left kidney, but an obstruction in the right ureter...which makes my kidney balloon out.  I sometimes has spasms on the right side.  I'm not sure if it is my kidney or muscles.  It only happens occasionally.  Usually when I've gone a while w/o going to the bathroom.  Sounds like kidney to me.  Anyway, I guess occasional is not too bad with everything else we deal with..lupus and fibromyalgia.  You can see a picture of my kitty kidney on my medhelp site.  Keep in mind that the doctor that took that picture said, "Everything looked 'normal'".  I thought I could just let this slide considering I had something probably lots worse than hydronephrosis, then I met a lady on medhelp who found out she had severe hydronephrosis and didn't even know it.  Her kidney was NOT functioning at all.  She had NO symptoms, no protein, no infection, no blood...NOTHING!  I still can't get over that.  I just thought you would have gobbs of symptoms right before your kidney burst.  So now I'm thinking I'd better find someone who will at least monitor this and treat it with the seriousness it deserves.

Anyway, back to the kidney stone.  I have no idea why I formed that 9mm stone.  It was calcium oxalate.  For over a year, I never ate chocolate, almonds (which I love), drank tea or colas.  I formed another stone along with the 5mm (off the 9mm).  It could've been a piece of the 9mm that grew and formed another stone.  But I told my dr. that I was drinking a gallon of water a day and strictly adhering to their diet.  He kindly told me that they really didn't know what caused stones.  I guess you don't know what kind you have.  I'm thinking they can give you something to dissolve the stone.  Although they never tried any of these tricks on me.
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I thought I recognized you too...LOL.. That's so funny that we would find each other hear to but not far fetched since we share the same medical problems.  

No, I have no idea what mine is made of if there is any now.  I do get lots of spurs from calcium deposits on my joints and stuff so I don't know.  I will be seeing my Nephrologist today.  I see him every six months just because I was dx with Lupus to make sure that there is no kidney involvement and if there is any they can catch it early on.  I am also seeing a Urologist because of the blood in the urine and now this mystery stone...LOL..

Nice to talk to you again...

God Bless...
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Hi...I hope you don't mind me coming to you with a question...within your post. I was just coming to post one about kidney stones so thought maybe you all could help.

I woke up this morning with abdominal and back pain...didn't have a clue what was going on. After a couple hours I couldn't stand it anymore so I woke my hubby up and asked him to take me to the E.R. I felt like something had ruptured...never in my life have I felt pain like I was about to go through over the next few hours. WOW!!

Long story short...I had a CT and it showed a 3 mm stone that had traveled and was closer to the bladder than the kidney. They did major miracles with finally getting the pain somewhat under control...then sent me home to ride out the passing. It is now in my bladder...it has to be cuz I sure feel quite a bit better...and finally quit vomiting.  My concern is I have NO CLUE as to how long it may sit in my bladder before it comes out. The dr. says for sure I will know it when it does. I guess in all the pain and meds...I wasn't thinking clear enough to ask the right questions....Like...when it starts coming out of the bladder...will one urination be enough to get it out...or is it going to struggle for hours to get through? They also gave me a plastic urine hat to catch in...and that there will be no doubt when it is in the bowl. Even though it has felt like a walnut so far...I don't know what to expect. Will I really be able to see it so that I can save it and take to the urologist?

If either of you have any advice or info I would be very grateful. That had to be worse than labor...at least the contractions take a break...lol. I wouldn't wish this on anyone...ever. Thanks in advance. God bless....Lynn
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Hi Lynn,

Oh Wow!  What a day!  I can't really give much advice.  I had a really large stone that they broke up with lithotripsy.  I tollerated the pieces quite well.  I did have the nausea though and threw up.  I have heard that they are quite painful when they are coming out the urethra.  3mm is big enough that it would make a statement, as you well know, although it won't look all that big in the strainer.  I would think it would not be in the bladder very long before coming out, and you would be able to see the piece in the strainer.  You could run your finger in the strainer and feel it.  They look dark gray when wet, but dry to a tan color.  

Praying that God will help you through this and that you never have one of these ever again.  

God bless, Kara
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Thanks. Yeah...it has been an adventure I don't want to reapeat anytime soon but I am going to have to finish out the ride. It is now the next morning and doesn't seem to be ready to clear out yet. It's wierd because the ER dr gave me pain meds and what I do remember in my haze was her saying..."stay on top of the pain". I don't know if that means to keep taking them even while not hurting...or if she was just talking about the pain I was in at the time. Pain pills make me queasy and just plain icky feeling if there is not immediate pain for them to work against. Plus I don't want to run out and then not have them when the real pain hits.

Thanks for the advice and prayers. Much appriciated. God bless...Lynn
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I think what the dr meant by stay on top of the pain was, don't wait until the pain has you doubled over before you take a pill.  When it looks like it's coming on, go ahead and take the med.

How are you doing, do you know if you were able to pass the stone.  I'm sure they told you to drink plenty of water.  Several people have told me cranberry juice was good too.  Keep me updated.
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Karajo...Hi...I tried to not take them...thinking that since the pain was not as intense as it was on Wed...that maybe it would be ok. It didn't take me long to realize that there is still more pain than I would like. So...I am taking half a pill as needed...not necessarily every 6 hours though. Just enough to keep the edge off. I haven't been able to pass it yet. I will try some cranberry juice...I was gonna try to get out to get some today anyways because it feels like I have a bladder infection. Not sure if there actually is one...or if it just feels that way due to the irritation. But it sure can't hurt right. I am drinking as much water as I can handle too. The nausua is getting quite a bit better today but still just don't feel right. Thanks for the advice and support. I will keep you posted. God bless...Lynn
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