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Right Flank Pain

This started back in mid june.  I began with pain in my right testicle.  doctor diagnosed epididymitis.  No bacterial cause found.  Mid july noticed a lump in groin. painless at the time.  July 31 got ultrasound done on lump as it began to hurt.  showed a 2cm lymph node of benign features.  This did not concern my doctor.  slowly the pain left the testicle, but lymph node kept hurting.  the pain radiated from the lump in groin to my upper thigh, right buttock, and started moving up into the space between the top of the hip (ilium bone) and beneath my ribs.  The pain started moving up one week ago.  Each day it got worse and worse.  Last week my doctor said the node in groin is of no significance and i may have an inguinal hernia that is pressing on my femoral nerve causing the pain to refer to other parts of the body.  I was ok with that a week ago.  Today i have right flank pain that feels like a bruise when you press anywhere in the area.  From the top of the hip to the bottom of the ribs and around the back to the spine.   could whatever caused my epididymitis have spread to my kidney (virus or bacteria)?  I can deal with the groin lump and thigh issues however this flank pain is getting worse.  Feels like something is growing inside and anywhere i touch in that area feels like  it is bruised.  can anyone please comment with thoughts/opinions?
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What other symptoms are present and what other diagnostic tests done? Epididymitis usually gets better with antibiotic treatment but may return. If not treated, it may become long-term or chronic wherein there is usually no swelling but there is pain. Flank pain may also be caused by infection in the urinary tract and additional diagnostic tests may be requested to rule this out. It is best that you have this checked by your doctor or urologist for proper evaluation  and to prevent complications such as abscess in the scrotum, chronic epididymitis, cutaneous scrotal fistula,  and even testicular infarction. Take care and do keep us posted.
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Dear doctor. I had a scrotal and abdominal ultrasound.  Also full blood and urinalysis as well as std testing.  All appeared clear.  All that showed up different was reactive lymph node.  However the flank pain started more than a month after initial blood and urine tests.
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