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Years of problems just got worse where I had to quit my job and pretty soon college.

Abdominal Bloating/Cramping
Stabbing Pelvic Pain
Stabbing Lower Back Pain
Urethra Burning
Difficultly Starting a urine Stream
Light headed and or passing out during urination
Pain in urethra/bladder when passing urine
Painful Non-Bleeding External Hemorrhoids (Despite passing normal stool on a regular basis)
Dark/Cloudy Urine (despite drinking only water and lots of it)
Odd Strong Smelling Urine
Random Urine Incontinence
Strong Sudden Urination Urges, only passing very very minimal amounts of urine
White and Red Blood cells in urine

I have a history of Large growing Hemorrhagic Rupturing Ovarian Cysts, and IBS.

From the time of infancy I've had a difficult time with urination, where I would have to go at least 10 times a day, up until about a month ago where its started slowing down in amount of urine decreasing and the amount of times I go is about down to 2-5 times a day. I have always had frequent UTI's this occurrence is unlike any other.
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