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excessive burping

My burping episode started about a month ago. I haven't jotted down the times and frequency, however, I am concerned because I don't drink carbonated anything and yet I burp a lot. I'm worried, because my Dad died from pancreatic cancer and the last month of his life, I remember him complaining about constantly burping. I welcome any information that would shed any light on this issue.
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This sounds a lot more like a GI issue than a kidney issue.  A good friend of mine has pancreatic cancer now, and she is really suffering.  I sure hope the doctors can help her have some good days.  I have the burping and belching myself.  Mine is gastro related.  I don't keep track of the times and frequency either, but it has been daily for me lately, too.  I can relate, but I have a pretty good idea I know the source of my problem.  I think you would do well to post your question in the gastroenterology forum.  Even pancreatic cancer is more of a GI issue, since the pancreas involves the liver and the gallbladder, too.

The belching and the burping can be caused by any number of gastro complaints.  It doesn't necessarily mean that something is wrong with your pancreas.  For example, I have GERD and I have IBS, both of which cause me a great deal of nausea.  The nausea itself in turn causes the burping and the belching I've been experiencing myself.

I would post your question with the gastroenterology forum, but explain more in detail what other symptoms you may be having.  If you're having any kind of gastro symptoms at all, you really should be seen by a GI doctor.  Seeing the doctor will help put your mind at ease, too.
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