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fluctuations in egfr

HI I have ckd stage 3-4. I say 3-4 as there is a lot of fluctuation in egfr. Has anyone else experienced this and is it common. Mine ranges from 28 right up to 40????? I know egfr is based on creatinine. Are there things that could cause a higher creatinine at times that boost the egfr up to 40?  some also show high urea - is this a link?
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Hi there,
It is important to have a clinical correlation of the test results.CKD can be classified based on estimated GFR values. A GFR of 90 plus indicated normal kidney function. Between 89-60 mildly reduced kidney function, between 28-40 could indicate moderately reduced kidney function. It is normal for creatinine measurements and GFR to change from one measurement to other. It may cause changes in stages of CKD and as long as your clinical symptoms are not worsening you need not worry. Do see a doctor for more queries.
Best luck and regards!
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