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high serum creatinine and 24 urine creatinine levels

Hello all... over the last year or so, my body has gone crazy. I had all kinds of random, weird symptoms and had about a dozen blood draws, abdomen ct, etc. Still trying to figure out if i have lyme....random heart / blood pressure / GI / memory loss / cognitive function issues that have waxed and wained over the past year.

My creatinine and bun were always high...well, my creatinine was alwaya high ( from 1.4 down to 1.16) and my bun was everywhere from a few points high down to 16...but both numbers were never higher or lower in sync. During the abdomen ct scan, it was found that i had a hydroureter do to a stricturei n my ureter just above my bladder...it wasnt a complete stricture, but was enough to cause enough back pressure to inflate my ureter. ( i had delayed passing of CT contrast due to backpressure, but kidney does function).  I had a cycstoscopy and doctor balloon dialted the stricture and is all good now.  

Fast forawrd to a few months ago my urine started becoming foamy when I peed. first it was a little bit, no everytime. So of course i freaked out, thought it was protein and went to my urologist who did the standar urinalysis and said everything was fine, no protein. Not satisfied with this answer, I went back to my GP and demanded a 24 urine test.  She said sounds good....Just got results back ( except they didnt send my serum levels back yet)

my 24 hour creatine clearence is above normal 2250 ( top end of normal is 2000).
total protein is 4 mg/dl out of a range of 5-25
other protein is 76 and value is listed as  <150

So I dont know what to make of this....if both my serum and urine levels of creatinine are elevated above normal, do this mean that my body for some reason is just making more creatinine than normal!? I used to be a heavy weight lifter, but has been almsot two years and although i have retained a good amount of muscle I dont see this being the cause. I searched for answers and the only other thing I could find was muscle waisting diseases or pre renal failure due to diabetes which causes hyperfiltraion that cause higher than normal creatinine clearance. But i dont have diabetes...So im trying to figure out exactly what the deal is with my weird numbers. Thanks for any help!!  -Jared
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body fat percentage?

height / weight / waistline?

male, right?

Which prescription meds are you presently taking?
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