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kidney failure and congestive heart failure

Dear Dr.,  
My dad is 49 years old and suffered a stroke 1.5 years ago.  Since then he has not controlled his HBP well nor has he seen a doctor since his stroke.  4 days ago he was admitted to the ICU with kidney failure and congestive heart failure.  The doctors say that they are unsure of a prognosis right now.  They have been slowly introducing him to dialysis but with 0% kidney function at this time.  He has been tested for autoimmune disease and had a biopsy to check for tumor and both turned out negative.  I am wondering at this point is it feasible that his kidneys could recover or will the options most likely be between dialysis and transplantation?  Will the congestive heart failure be reversed with the control of the HBP and dialysis taking over for the kidneys or should the heart failure still be of concern?  I am very confused and can't seem to get the answers that I am looking for from his doctors any advice or comment would be greatly appreciated.
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