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kidney stones

Hi Everyone,
I've had kidney stones 3 times now - twice in my right kidney and last week i had a stone in my left. I was very sick - alot - which i wasn't with the other two (although i felt sick). I have for a number of years had trouble starting and finishing urinating - always thought that was prostate trouble - but now i'm having doubts. I'm wondering if my kidneys are firing on all cylinders!!! After looking at various symptom pages on the i/net i'm looking at other aspects of my body............i get really really itchy - esp my palms of my hands and my legs - i'm always having an urge to move my leg -( restless leg syndrome ......my wife notices it alot), and the burning/ stinging sensation i get when i start to urinate has been with me for years - i've just got used to it...............is this just something that happens as you get older or should i get help??? -----thankyou
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