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ultrasound found cyst on left kidney, blood work shows normal kidney function

for about a year now, i've had a mess of urinary problems.
it all started with one UTI, then another, until now i've lost count.
a lot of the time, i just have urinary pain, there is no infection in my urine at all.
i had my first ultrasound about 3-4 months after this all started.
blood work came back normal as did the ultrasound, no kidney stones.

fast forward to now,
my periods are progressing to almost unbearable, i have random back pain mid left side of my back where my kidney's at.
i learn i have an ovarian cyst when my fiance rushes me into the ER sick as a dog with a kidney infection. i had a ct scan. which is how they discovered i had an ovarian cyst and a kidney infection.
blood work again is normal.

this continues, i have a complete panel on my blood work done, normal again.
my doctor doesn't know what it is so she orders another ultrasound for me before she referred me to a specialist.
i got the results back today and they discovered " a cysts on my left kidney"
what is going on? it wasn't there on all my other scans.
my kidney function is normal.
now i'm worried about PKD. but i know so far i only have "one" cyst.

is there a condition having to do with my reproductive or urinary systems that can cause cysts on all these organs?

this might be unrelated, but i have a lump behind my ear near the jaw line that i've had for about 3 months that hasn't reacted to antibiotics, i do not have any lymph node infection either, another cyst maybe?

also had two previous ganglion cyst removal surgeries on both my wrists.

my appointment with a nephrologist isn't until october 1st.
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Hi Beth,
Welcome to MedHelp

There is a benign cyst that sometimes appears on the kidney.  I've had many CTs, ultrasounds, IVPs etc.  I have a cyst that sometimes show up on these scans and sometimes they don't.  They usually don't cause any symptoms unless they are obstructing something.  (this is what I understand about them)  

Now the UTIs could be caused by being sexually active.  The female problems could be caused by the ovarian cysts and or endometreosis.  In rare cases, endometrosis can appear in other places other than the abdominal cavity around the uterus.  Places such as ureters and kidneys.  This would not be detected on any of the test they have performed on you.  But endometrosis can sure cause lots of pain before,  during and after the menstral cycle.  

Personally, I would think that the ganglion cysts and swollen lymph node would not be related.  I have a ganglion cyst on my wrist and a lymph node that's been there for about 15 years.  The dr. said if it starts to grow, then we would need to check it out.  

Let me know what you think.  I know you know your own body better than anybody else.

Praying for you hon,
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