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Please help !

Hey I think I might have lymphomas. At first I was thinking it could be hiv because I had unprotected sex but I got test negative with 4th generation test at 7 and a half weeks(people says it's conclusive but not so sure). My symptoms I'm having right now that I makes me think that I have it is I have white tongue, my collarbone is showing more than usual (weight loss), and I think I get like a mild fever that comes and goes I get hot really easy and it's feels like fever but as soon as I take the covers off, it goes away. I also get itch but no indication of rash but sometimes it shows up like a bug bite and goes away in an hour or so. My neck pretty stiff too. I also have a irritation around my butt crack and sometimes itches and a strange odor. Do you think that I could have lymphomas? How can I find out if I do or not? I also been stressing out a lot because I thought I could have hiv so haven't slept well for couple days.
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I also need to mention, that I think I have a swollen lymph node on my right armpit but I'm not sure if it's a lymph node or not because it not big or swollen enough so that I can tell. My right armpit has a spot that's harder than my left armpit so I assume it's a lymph node I don't know please help
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I also had diarrhea that last for about a day in a half that I had to use the bathroom 5+ times and constant passing gas. I'm sorry that I'm posting a lot I'm just very worried and I keep feeling like I missing stuff out
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No reason to suspect lymphoma there. I suggest the STD forum: http://www.medhelp.org/forums/STDs---STIs/show/98

Good luck.
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