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Chances of lymphoma?

Well for beginners I'm 20 years old , for the most part healthy. A week from today I had a very painful lymph node between my jaw and ear like where the partoid gland is. I went to urgent care the doctor said he felt it was a bit swollen .. I asked him if it could be cancer as I had no cold or anything of the sort..he said it's highly unlikely.. At most I had a runny nose.. I later realized I had a couple blisters in my mouth due to herpes .. (I have herpes 1). Two days later the pain subsided and I went to the doctors again and it was a different Doctor than my gp. She said all my lymph nodes were fine and I told her to feel in the exact spot  I was having pain in.. She said it was swollen but just slightly bigger than the other side .. I mentioned my symptoms to her how I always wake up tired and feel tired throughout the day.. She said it was most likely my sleeping schedule as it doesn't have a set time . She said not to worry that it's not cancer.. I also got worked up and went to the E.R cause I was experiencing a bit of pain in the same spot .. The doctor told me the same thing as the others that I shouldn't worry because it's most likely not cancer .. She did a complete blood count and came back in and told me my blood test look great .. Now I'm sitting here with a pain that comes and goes in the same area .. What are the chances of this being lymphoma ?
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