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Do you see a pattern?

I was recently given an ultrasound on my abdomen because I have been having pain. The results are that I have an enlarged (21 cm) liver and "moderate to severe" fatty liver.

The problem is, I'm actually having different symptoms. I originally went to the doctor because I've been passing yellow balls that look like round corn and little particles that look like broken off rock crystals. I didn't go in for my liver.

My lab tests for my liver are normal, but my A/G ratio is low and my creatinine is the lowest number in the "normal" range and has been decreasing. Isn't that more common in kidney disease? (My 41 year old husband recently died of  that, so I'm too familiar, sadly).

Some other weird findings are high TSH, high protein in my urine, high white blood cell count, epithelial squamous cells in urine for 4 times in a row, recurrent UTIs that don't clear and Candida, rashes on my scalp and face, burning guts, and recently a dry throat and cough and swollen white tongue in the mornings (sometimes with little blisters).

I don't get what's going on because I have good hygiene, I don't drink alcohol, and I'm in my early 40s. I had my gallbladder removed when I was 26 due to gallstones and had Shingles really badly just out of nowhere (maybe stress?) when I was only 36.

Has anyone experienced these or know someone who has? Are they related? It seems like something autoimmune to my but my doctors just handle each thing separately and I need more information. If you have any insight, please let me know.

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