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Hepatic Encephalopathy

My son had a TIPS prcedure in Nov. 2008.  He's on the liver transplant list with a MELD score of 17.  He is experienceing more & more frequent bouts of encephalopathy even though he takes lactulose & other meds as prescribed.  He is very faithful at taking his meds & ups the dose as needed for bad spells.  Has anyone else had similar issues?  What if anything did you do?  Thanks for any help!
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Hi encephalopathy can be made worse by a  high protein diet,consult your doctor about trying a low protien diet,you must check first because of malnutrician issues.
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I'm sorry about your son I know it must be hard.
Encephalopathy is often worse after tips. The shunt bypasses the liver ( which use to clean the blood) which allows the possiblity of more toxins reaching the brain.
Other causes can be infections, dyhydration,GI bleed, Too much protein in diet,Constipation and some medications.
There have been cases where patients have had the tips reversed or occluded, But this can be dangerous.
Call his Dr. and let them know that the Encephalopathy is worse.
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