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Liver Symptoms

I have ongoing upper swollen stomach, some leg swelling end of day. I am tired all the time, notice any scratches are infected quicker. I can't handle the heat like i had.  Continuous bad taste in mouth.
Just had blood work done again can you let me know if this looks ok or sinister? Was told of fatty liver in the past, had CT recently no mention of anything other than bad fatty liver but no notation of enlarge spleen or ascites though i feel pretty sure i have Ascites. Would love to hear your thoughts.

Protein 7.2
Albumin serum 4.4
Bilirubin total .4
Bilirubing direct .028
alk Phosphatese 68
AST 21
ALT 29
TIBC 365
UIBC 276
Iron Serum 89
Iron Saturation 24
GGT 24
Ferritn serum 82
Ammonia Plasma 68
PT 10.0
INR 1.0

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can swollen  stomach be gas in bowels? what is your age, weight and height? your blood results seem okay.
5' 9" 260, 43 years old
The last CBC I had was late last year Platlets have been fine no issues, Creatine .02 low just barely. Also one test had my RDW  about .02 high very very slight.
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Your liver numbers are all good. Your synthesis and excretory functions are all normal, and your A/G ratio is nicely balanced at 1.6.

So any symptoms you may have are not due to advsnced liver disease. Your creatinine being slightly low isn't an issue, it just means your kidneys are filtering very well. And your red blood cell width can bounce around.
any thoughts on what could be causing constant nausea heavy eyes, bloated distended stomach  light pains all over body, awful taste in mouth if this is not liver?
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Have you had a colonoscopy? Some IBD's can cause these symptoms.
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Long time ago, but I persistent nausea and i get easily tired too. just feel very sick all the time hard to focus at work.  I keep reading that you can have a very diseased symptom causing liver with normal blood workup with fatty liver. So this makes me very very nervous I have ultrasound for this  Friday at Stanford for liver but they just said lose weight. I have a feeling they are going to be surprised by the ultra sound.
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Anyone have any thoughts on having normal CBC, normal Metabolic, normal hepatic, yet have swollen stomach, nausea, various aches pains discomfort, red pinpont dots on arms upper abdomen.  Does this make sense to have all normal labs but to feel so horribly awful?
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