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My test results - slightly elevated ALT

I had some kidney and some liver test done, like I do every year. Everything is within normal range. I just have a question about ALT. Mines was 56 with reference range 9-60 u/l. I keep hearing that 30 is suppose to be normal and anything over 30 signals Hep C, Fatty Liver, etc..but does that go for 30-65 area? Why are some labs different? I am 28 5'11, 160lbs but I do not exercise and eat whatever I want.

My doctor and a NP i visited do not seem concern at all.

Alt 56   Ref Range 9-60 (u/l)
AST 29  10-40(U/L) Ref range
Microalbumin Random (w/creatinine)     1.2mg/dl, no ref range established
Microalbumin/Creatinine Ratio                  3  ref range mcg/mg creat <30
Urea Nitrogren                                          16  ref range 7-25 mg/dl
Creatinine                                              1.02 ref range 0.80-1.30
Glucose                                                     85 ref range 65-99
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I also had ctscan with constract because I complained of Ache in abs, but it was related to strain muscle from my weird sitting position at my new job.
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Labs reference ranges vary according to the kind of equipment and test kits used.
You could ask you doctor to order you a US scan to check for fatty liver and other irregularities.
Also, there are blood tests for Hepatitis, A, B and C.

How did the rest of your blood test go?

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