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Vomiting yellow watery substance

Hi guys! This mornining I woke up feeling ill and I vomited this yellow watery substance. (This seemed stranged as in the past I would normally vomit foods that weren't digisted). About an hour later when I went to work I drank some tea n I ate some crackers and as soon I was finished I vomited up everything again. My stomach feels like it is burning and I am afraid to eat anything else because I fear I might bring it back up. I feel dizzy and hungry. Can someone please tell me what is happening to me and how i can treat this to feel better?
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Do you have any kind of a reflux disease by any chance? Also do you have any crampy pain besides the burning? Also this may sound gross but do you have any diarrhea with it? You could just have a slight stomach bug where you feel hungry but everything you eat is going to irritate it. I would wait til tomorrow and see how you feel and if you are still miserable and are vomiting I would see a doctor as it could be the start of something more serious such as food poisoning, a reflux disorder, bowel obstruction, gall bladder etc. You can vomit a yellow watery substance for many reasons. My mom had a bowel obstruction about 3 years ago and was vomiting a yellow watery substance but I don't remember if she had any burning in her stomach or not. Again tho if the problem persists definitely see a doctor asap. If it goes away it was probably a mile case of the 24 hour stomach flu.
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I have no kind of acid reflux disease to my knowledge. N yes I have a crampy pain with it as well. I am still feeling the crampy pain and the burning but the vomiting has stopped. I am starting to eat but not a lot.
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