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What are dangerous ALT and AST levels?

Hi, I am a 50 yo white female. The last time I had alcohol was one glass of wine nearly 2 years ago, and even before that I only had five or fewer drinks per year. Around 20 years ago I did go through a bout of social drinking, but I was never anything near being an alcoholic. I do not take any OTC drugs except for Zantac 150 - no ibuprofen, acetomeniphen, cold remedies, herbs, vitamins, nothing. At the beginning of July my AST and ALT were normal, and they have been normal all my life. In mid-August my AST was 80 and ALT was 146. Docs thought that was a lab error, so I had it rechecked a month later. Both levels were even higher. I've had it checked weekly since then and they are higher each week. I have had a full battery of liver labs to check for hep A, B, C, autoimmune diseases, numerous liver diseases, all are negative. I am scheduled for a liver bx in 2 weeks but can't get in to see hepatologist for 5 more weeks. If my levels keep rising at this rate, it's hard saying how high they will get by then. I am cutting some RXs to see if this is medication induced, but too soon to tell. Here's my question: How high can the levels go before you are in some kind of serious danger? What can happen if they just keep rising and rising, and at what point are you in dire straits? Many thanks for your input.
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Same thing is happening to me. I started at 175 then last week 207, this week 249 AST is climbing at 115. Pain it upper right quadrant of abdomen. Now pain in my back both sides just below the ribs. Sometimes when I move the pain is intense. Bouts of faint dizzyness.
Seeing a specialist on Nov 19th I'll keep you informed. Don't think I'll make it to the 19th though.:-{

Sat back in my chair....OUCH!
I’m hoping you see this .. even 8 years later!! Did you ever find out what it was?? My boyfriend is experiencing the same exact thing and we just got home from the hospital. They told us “it’s just gas” ... but we’re not so sure about that.
Thank you !!
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milk thistle is a herb that helps reverse liver damage, I also suggest doing liver detoxes as well as eating strictly organic foods here on out.  
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Hi, I had also very high SGPT & SGOT (161, 97). During last one year I took medicine Udiliv250. But it didn't help.

During last 1 month I was controlled diet and reduced weight through physical exercise.
I used to take Turmeric in empty stomach in every morning and have beetroot with my breakfast. Finally it helped. Now SGPT and SGOT in normal range (42, 37)
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Hi....on Wednesday my levels were 1400+ and by Friday 1800!!
I've had high levels else before but like 500.
My stool has been very light colored, almost white at times, for a month, and my bilirubin is high 3.+....this weekend I did Dr Moritz liver flush and will go in today for redo on blood test. Praying they went down like last time..however much urine was still brown orange this morning...thought it would be clear.
Are you okay? I am going through his now. Everything else is normal except my ALT and AST. My ratio is a 0.05 so it looks like it isn't ALD.
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