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Chronic dehydration

Hello, I have been having issues for the last 6 months with my kidneys functioning poorly. I started feeling very badly last winter and after some blood work it was found that my creatine was very high and my GFR rate was only 43. At that time I was on anti-inflammatories. They took me off immediately. I was re-checked a month later and my creatine had gone down and GFR was up to 55 (they want me at 60 or higher). I fully expected that three months later I would be back above 60. Yesterday was my appointment and I felt like the wind was completely knocked out of me. My creatine was back up and GFR down to 48. My Urologist said that my stones were small and no more of them than usual, no tumors, same cysts, no blockage of the artery, etc. I do get dehydrated quite easily and have dry mouth constantly. He says that the reason for this appears to be chronic dehydration. Is chronic dehydration a part of MSK? I am very worried about returning to work at the end of this month as a teacher. I work in a non-air-conditioned building and am not able to drink very much while I am teaching. I am not able to stay hydrated now and I am not even working right now. I spend the majority of my time in air-conditioning. He has ordered me to stay in during hot weather and only engage in physical activity while indoors in the air. Anyone else having problems with dehydration and poor kidney function?


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I did have poor kidney function before having Dr. Wolf's procedure.  After having it my GFR rating went up 20 pts. If you want to pm me your e-mail address I can send the pdf of the procedure to you for your doctor.  Dr. Wolf would most likely be willing to talk to him as well.

I do struggle in the heat.  We lived in Fla without air but HAD to put in a wall unit here now IN MO because my kidneys could no longer handle the heat etc.!

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