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Dipstick shows Moderate Blood .. so yep ... UTI or stone passed (ing) ....

Welllllllllllllllllll guess what.  My urine dipstick shows moderate blood so you know the drill;  off to the lab for a culture .. I had nausea yesterday ... it all makes such perfect sense ... probably debris passing or small stone.  What else is new, right?  Although it may be UTI . .my last one was STAPH of all things .. so I'll keep you posted and thanks for the suggestions.

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Do you have dipsticks at home?  My mother works in a lab and she gave me some expired ones a few years ago, but they always showed blood and bacteria so I quit checking, not sure if it was because they were expired or if I always have both.

I hope you feel better, Have you had an xray or cat scan to see if you have a stone?
Has your doctor ever given you a toradol shot in the office. I had one once and it was helpful. and saved me a trip to the ER for IV Toradol. I passed the stone.  It has anti inflamatory properties that work on the Ureters.

Please make sure they do a sensitivity when they culture the urine, that way they can give you the right antibiotic.

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Yes, they always do a sensitivity and we use the first line of defense antibiotics.  The last Staph didn't work the first go around as it didn't show staph the first culture!  No wonder why the first drug failed .. then a redo and bingo it showed up so then the infamous Levaquin was put into place and I felt better in 36 hrs.  

I don't have blood or bacteria inbetween stones.  That is because I am very fortunate to have them actually be gone .  My last x-ray was done in the Spring along with an ultrasound which showed the 4.0mm was responsible for that last go-around of colic, symptoms, infection and was gone.  So unless anything has grown since then nothing major is in there.  My last CT Scan done last year showed multiple small stones along with the others which I have since passed.

I am like you and don't bother with the dipsticks unless it brings me to the Dr.  No WBC's showed up in the office .. but what else is new there, too, LOL .. right?!

I have never had to have pain mgmt .. I have come close a few times but it subsided.  I am on Mobic 15mg's daily for a severe tibial tendonitis/arthritis condition in my ankle so I am convinved that being on that for 2yrs (with normal kidney/liver panels ev. 3 mos) has allowed the stones to pass from anti-inflammatory measures so it probably also aids in daily pain mgmt.

For anybody reading, I'm not freaked out on the blood in the urine cause this happens to me and I've had 2 cystoscopes and 2 DNA urine tests to rule out bladder/urinary cancer and all was clear.  I've even had atypical urethrial cells show up which they deem are from changes due to constant inflammation within the kidneys from the stones moving around.

I am P.O'd (as usual) about this crud ..... grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr   They also ran some other bloodwork cause of some bruising to my big toenails w/o injury as well as some sugar levels that were a bit high on my last thyroid tests .. I originally went cause of calf cramps but my potassium is technically ok, yet my Dr said it is low-normal and lower than most who walk in the door so he repeated the test .. Now, if only I could take Urocit-K .. then I'd have no potassium issues and be stone free LOL ?!  (major GI symptoms on that stuff).

If it's a stone it's my own fault for not getting the BeeLith since knowing about in the spring; it may not work wonders, but I've been lazy in getting it and in denial that I was stone free and would remain that way.

Thanks for listening,

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I get the Publab and the are only about $25 for 100, thier brand and the exact same ones my doctors uses.  These are really good to have on hand.

I ony show blood with infection or after surgery etc or a stone but my URO says even with MSK he doens't worry much about it BUT I KNOW IT IS A SIGN FOR ME

I will try to find the link to that website for later
Hope it gets cleared up soon!

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Hey guys .. I feel much better today!  All my bloodwork is ok and I got a mumbled message which I called back for clarification about my urinalysis being mildly abnormal but no WBC's  .. ok that is great but given my history let's give me what showed up so I know LOL!  I didn't think it was UTI .. just some stuff passing so this i great news!

Now the next wait and see:  My almost 11 yr old was at Ped today for sore throat that won't go away ... had 102 temp on Wed/Thurs last week ... Ped said it is really bad(used the words it's imprssive)  and glands are swollen, etc. - did a urine test in the office and showed + protein and + leuckocytes (not tremendous but are there), so they started her on 1 day antibiotic and will do an in-house culture tonight ... they did a strep test too with results tomorrow .. does it end?  She was at Ped on 8/19 for bad stomach pains and they did a urine which was normal and said constipation ... then a few days later a sore throat set in and got worse ... with the kidney history being most-likely congenital (depends who you talk to), I'm glad they are doing the add'l tests.

Strep results tomorrow..................geez, C~
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So they clarify that the urine was "mildly abnormal" meaning mild infection yet DO NOT SEND IT OUT FOR A CULTURE .. WHERE IS THERE MIND ?????  I had a Staph infection a few mos ago and also have history of UTI's without glaring symptoms .. I'm not saying to put me on an antibiotic as of this writing but WHAT THE HECK IS WRONG WITH THEM not sending it out for a culture ???????  It is too late now -- the urine is gone -- my symptoms are better but not 100% gone .. none the worse,

I know that  sometimes the body will fight it on its own. but a culture with specificity would have been in line ... VERY ANNOYING.

What do you honestly think?  Am I wrong with my history?  I have had UTI's with normal dips .. we all have ... be honest.  I want to hear your honest opinion .. we are in this together ... :)

OK .. vent done.


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I think you are completely right to be upset! Maybe you can ask them to but a big sticker on the outside of your chart,(like the allergy ones) that says C&S on ALL Urine Samples and have the doctor sign it!
Probably their normal protocol does not include sending "mildly abnormal" results out, they do not even check with the doctor.  You are not "normal" LOL, you need a different level of care!
I try to remember to always ask them to do a culture and sensitivity, but I forget more than I remember!
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That is a great idea .. and I think you are right!!!!!  She was kind of like, OH, OH, Hmmmm after I told her my history .. as if she goofed.  I'm ok but not 100% right .. still have fullness but I'm winging it as my energy is back and my joints don't hurt as much ... one change and I'll go right back 1-2-3 and will not mess around with this.

I am going to get the BeeLith .. I'll make a reminder note now for myself!

Hope you are having a great weekend .. raining here!

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Unfortunately you are right and yet they are too.  WHY because if the infection does not show on the dipsticks it most likely is not going to show on the culture.  In doing all this research I studied microbiology and even spent months culturing my own urine and matching and out culturing our local hospitial.  Not to brag please under stand that only to explain the futility in our current microbiology!!  Cultures only pick up acute infections with 100,000+ bacteria being the marker.  For us these are chronic infection so low level bacteria basically are in there making us sick but our own immune system is used to them.  Because they do go into a biofilm like state that slip under the line where cultures are concerned most of the time.  I would say mayb 5% of the time you might get lucky!!!  The way to find the bacteria requires some longer growing techniques and a tech that is able to read the results etc.  I have the protocol for 2 ways to do so but even with the knowledge etc. unless I do it myself...(which I have not machne to identify the bacteria and sensitivities...plus the tech I worked with left the hospitial), there is no one I can find to do it.  BELIEVE ME FEEL THE BACTERIA ARE NOT ALL GONE YET... BUT WISH THERE WAS A GOOD CULTURE TO FIND THEM TO BE SURE...WE ARE DEALING WITH IV'S ,,,,

   That said if you dipsticks do not have certain markers many labs won't culture without the doctor demanding it... and insurance will not pay for it either.

  There is a place that will do a broth culture through the mail.... the problem is that unless this is done with a 100% sterile collection, using a mid stream catheter urine and shipping it overnight packed in ice.  The contaminate will grow along with the bacteria making the diagnosis and reading very very difficult.  I can get the lab info. if you want it.
But they will do it but I am not thrilled with their customer service personnel that I have tried to work with.

   Sorry don't want to be the downer here but you need to udnerstnad the sfull picture or you will only find your self spending wasted $$$ only to feel stupid when a culture comes back neg and you KNOW you have infection.  It really would have been better for them to just give you some antibiotics.  Don't rule out using the Silverbniotics either.. no script and much safer!

   Gald your feeling better though!

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Thanks so much for what you wrote.  You are absolutely so so correct.  My Uro is the one,too, who believes these infections are deep inside the meduallary and in the stones themselves .. so antibiotics only touch the surface .. like a band aid .. then the reappear again.

If I stood my ground and insisted I needed them they would have done 3-5 days but this go around I'm on the fence ..... as you said, too, the immune system gets used to them at a low-level so probably I'm doing ok ... it'll be sooner vs. later the scales will tip and not until I there is visible blood and overt symptoms will they say, "Hmmmm -- looks like you need antibiotics regardless of the dip or culture"

The Silverbinotics I've seen on the "other" board awhile ago ..... what is it made up of ... I'll check the archives here for info, too ..... I cannot recall what is in it and how it works .  I'm all for anything outside of antibioitc due to the resistance factor ... Uro doesn't want me to do the Cranberry pills long term  ... but maybe I'll do those short term to see if that heps with this mild thing going on.

Thanks again .............and wow on your research .... y ou have heped validate many on this community who show negative, but have UTI's.

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Silver has been known for years to kill bacteria..... however it can also be toxic to our bodies in high doses.  Collidol silver bacame very popular for killing infection etc. and people even made it themselves.... somehow using electical current and a silver rod.

HOWEVER... the dosage or ppm (part per million) was inconsistant (often averaging 50ppm+ AND the if the person your getting it from doesn't not use the highest qaulity of  silver... I know of some who have actually gotten nickel posioning1   This is still very popular in the natural med. realm so much so that some feeling a little is good a lot must be better began drinking it by the glasses full... The results is that the skin itself can turn grey!!

It is soo important that you understand that first.  This product back by the Clifton Mining company, (So that they have access to the purest silver available and the research $$), uses a unique technique to ionize the silver. Giving you the most effectivenss with the least ppm.  The normal bottle is 10ppm, in an oxygenated form, and smaller molecules. So basically this stuff goes through your body killing the bacteria'
without building up in your system!  The have done A LOT of research on their website...
just search American Biotiech Labs.  They have more research then about any natural product I have seen.  It has been FDA approved as a disinfectant etc, and is being used
in some countries as an antibiotics.  

I personally was very very skeptical and was my uro but it gave me a whole year off antibiotics... with my very resistant infection and all those stones.  My HOPE is now that the stones are gone,,, once we kill the bacteria out of my body completely, that I can just live on the silverbioitics and not any long term antibiotics....

The smallest does of this product that the FDA said could or did ever cause any side effects was = a 8oz bottle a day!!!  I have taken 1 tsp 3 x a day for 3 years now.  It is also good for killing off the yeast infections... esp with all the antibiotics I have had to be on!

  There are lots of other natural antibiotic herbs etc. garlic is one also. .... but this silverbiotics is my favorite...
    I am running away for a couple days next week.  A friend has GIVEN me 2 nights in a condo, alone to pray, recoup rest and write... one of my dreams is to write a book on some of the natural etc,.I have research for urological issue....along with a few others
I feel need to be written just have to get to it:)!

Hope that helps... since you do not have all the stones... I really think some natural options esp, the silverbiotics should be able to keep your infections at bay....(like drinking only pure things,, water, juice etc.no soda or coffee...no fun I know but with IC I honestly have not had ANY soda etc. now for about 4 years,,,,)

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One last ? .. what is up with the soda .. I know caffeine, but what is with soda .. is it the carbonation, fructose?  I'm not a heavy soda or coffee drinker, if I overdo on the caffeine I can feel it in my bladder ... I limit it to 1 cup in the AM only and fruit or water drinks during the day.  I've read no soda on other sites, too, for kidney stones .. just was wondering why if anybody knows I'd love to know the reasons on it.

Have a wonderful 2 days off to yourself ........ *envy* ... can I come?

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I have moderate amounts of blood in my urine on the dipstick but when they take it from my bladder there is no blood. Does any one know the reason for this? I have occasional heaviness in lower abdomen and a pressure to go that just comes and goes. It is very uncomfortable and Dr has checked interior of bladder and all looks good. As a kid I always had a trace of blood and figured it was my monthly cycle, but now as a person with no monthly cycle now I have moderate amount?? Confused and frustrated with the Dr. Any ideas??
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Hi, I'm not a med professional so really don't know.  But, I do wonder if your bladder was empty -- was there enough time for the blood to accumulate in your urine in the bladder so that it showed up on the test.  When they take from the bladder directly (I had that done once, too) it is supposed to be able to confirm the source <>

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