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Kidney cyst?

Hi everyone, havent' been here in a while but have been reading alot of your posts tho.  I have been diagnosed with MSK a couple of years ago with no Kidney Stone tho but with alot of back pain but now I have been having alot of pain in my Right Kidney area and have been checked with an Abdominal Ultrasound and no Stones but cyst that I knew I had previously but a bit bigger now and may be causing the pain?  Could they be mistaken for Stones do you think?  Also have a small polip in my Gallbladder.  And since Tuesday of this pass week numbness started on my left foot and now has progress all the way up my thighas of this morning.  This numbness could very well be caused by me having MS but with everything going on inside of me I just don't know anymore.  I guess what i'm asking is anyone have cyst on their kidneys besides stones and Gallbladder polip and should I be concern because my Doctor does not seem that concern as far as I can tell, all I know is that i'm in pain an awful lot and using the heating pad to the point that I might as well tie it around me all day, lol.  Sorry i'm just kind of fed up with me sometimes and I know that you guys understand.  :-)
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Hi Fran and WELCOME!!!

I don't have exact answers but wanted to tell you that I have transient cysts that are sometimes there and sometimes gone when I have various tests done .. same with my 82yr old mom .. they say cysts are ok .. it would be my guess (i'm just a person like you and non med) to think that a cyst usually is clear fluid so not so sure it would resemble a solid stone?  Maybe Shelly or others have some insight there?

As far as the GB polyp sorry to haer about that .. I have actual gallbladder stones but quiet for 2 yrs and that is how they better stay.

I have numerous small stones in my kidney but most have cleared the past 2yrs ... the largest only 4mm.  I am feeling decent for first time in years but I can relate to your pain.

Definitely have it checked out with the new symptoms .. I am clueless on those ... heat works best for me, too and hot hot baths with long soaks ... It is draining.

We are here for you Fran!!!!

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