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Medullary sponge kidney

What does this mean? Enhancement of the kidneys is abnormal, right greater than left.  These wedge-
shaped regions of decreased enhancement extending to the parenchyma may be the
manifestations of a low grade pyelonephritis and should be correlated with urinalysis.  
The medullary blush seen on the delayed images suggests medullary sponge kidney.  
Inspissated debris withinthe mildly dilated medullary tubules could also account for
the abnormal enhancement of the kidneys.  Of note, there is no obstruction.  Stones
are not confidently seen but cannot be entirely excluded on this contrast enhanced
study only.

My son started have kidney stones the age of 5. He has had problems every since. He has show debris many times in his bladder on ultersound as well. this is a recent ct scan and no one wants to tell me what it means. He is on Remicade due to Crohn's as well. He has lost 10 lbs in a week, and not feeling well at all. He is 15 yrs old. my oldest has had kidney surgery due to complications as well. Can you tell me more about this MKS? Can he go into kidney failure with it?
thank you

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There are some great articles on MSK on our health pages.  Here some ' links to good articles as well.  MSK only rarely can cause kidney failure and then usually from
the  build up of the calcifications or infection, but again this is very rare.The key
is that if he does get UTI, infection make sure they clear up completely before
going off the antibiotics.

This is the best newbie article I have found on MSK

Here are some others too.  These also maybe listed in the health pages.



I hope that helps you some.


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WELCOME to our community~!  The kidney stone propensity itself is genetic (my mom, dad and brother all have had them and landed in the hospital) but there is no concrete proof (best I know) of MSK being genetic. We don't know since my family hasn't been tested since they had isolated incidents w/o repeat.

I have a friend who may be able to come online our comunity to help with the results.

Keep in touch and let us know how your son is feeling.

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That would be great if your friend would. I was looking back at DMSA test that was done 2 yrs ago. The impression was
1. Medium-sized left upper ple traceer defect, either reflecting a scar or recent infection.(which we have never seen an infection just stones and debris).
2. Right and left tubular masses are 53 and 47% respectively.
There is other things that ct's in his past had showed. What does this all mean?

Thank you
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Thank you Shelly. I put up some more information on test from 2 yrs ago. I just want to know if there is more issues going on that no one has realized. My poor child he doesnt know what feel good is.
Thank you for your input.
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