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I am 36 yrs old and was diagnosed with MSK in 2001. i have not had any problems until last year and i am in daily pain. i have been to 2 different urologists and neither one of them think that i should be in pain.  What can i do about this pain? sometimes it is unbearable. Does anyone know of a good doctor in or around Louisville, Kentucky? Thanks
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Hello and welcome to our community!  There is a great article in our health pages at the upper rt. hand corner of the community that talks about having pain, yet no stones! Most of us on this community have as you describe and it's tough to deal with.

WELCOME .. we are so glad you've found us!

MSK with Stones
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I heard that there is a good nephrologist, I believe it was a Dr. Danny Woo  
but I am not exactly sure, I really believe that was the name.  I may have the
spelling wrong as well but it was very close to that.

I am very glad your here and joined this MSK Board.  Please know your
pain is real and you are not alone.  Again as Cheryl mentioned I put together
an article on the pain, it's causes and treatments we have found helpful.
Here is the direct link to the health pages.


I am currently working on another more indepth paper but finishing it has taken much
longer then I anticipated.  I did but together a brief article for another patient in 07
you find that article on our IC support website.  I added a menu item as a place
to also post information on MSK including this forum.  The direct link to that article
is   http://moarkic.com/content/view/68/56/

Read through many of the old posts here as well!  I hope this helps you and
you are able to find the cause of your pain and treatment that works for you.  I

Let us know how your doing and you can pm me with any ??? as you go!

Again, glad your here!
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