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pain management

I was diagnosed with bilateral MSK May of 08. After four surgeries during the year, I found that I was in chronic pain and was very frustrated. I am a very active person with children and determined to live my life to the fullest.  As a last resort, I went to see a friend of ours who is a chiropractor. I was having problems with my sciatic nerve and also a lot of back pain. He has been a huge help.  I feel ninety percent better.  Things come and go, but they are more manageable.  Whenever I pass a stone, I'll see him and it really helps.  He also helped get a stone moving along that was stuck in my kidney.  I could feel, but it wasn't moving. I hope this could be of help to some of you.  It is definitely something to consider.
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I appreciate your clarification, sometimes it is hard to read what someone is saying.
So many of us have had our pain either blown off or belittled we tend to be a little hyper sensitive!!  You are right that that being damage to the sciatic nerve can increase our already difficult situation.  I am glad you found someone not only trustworthy but also who will listen to you.  Finding a knowledgeable doctor who cares and listens is important for all areas of medicine!!

I like your analogies, now if we could just find a way to market those pearls that would
be huge.  I know several of us have joked about making kidney stone jewelry.  hmmm,
we could call them kidney pearls and sell them for more LOL!

I am glad you joined the board and shared with us,
pray you have many pain free days ahead!

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I am definitely not promoting chiropractic care as a solution to MSK, since there isn't one. It is a complex disease that is an ongoing struggle and everyone has an individual search for answers and solutions. I have been very fortunate to find a urologist, nephrologist and chiropractor who I trust.  I do feel that the second round of ESWL on my kidney may have done some damage to my sciatic nerve and the chiropractic care has been a huge improvement.  I researched to find out if this could be related, but I was only provided with very vague results. You have to be your own advocate. It is not easy to do when you feel lousy and are wrapped up in your own misery.  I do completely trust my chiropractor.  Luckily, he is a family friend who is highly educated, knowledgeable, and patient. Like any health care provider, you have to find someone you trust, has the credentials, and will listen to you.  So far I have been very lucky.  There are definately times when this disease makes me frustrated.  The days when you think you feel great, and all of the sudden things change and you don't.  But, I just remind myself that I am strong and keep trugging through.

I like to think of my kidney as little oysters making pearls. It makes the whole situation a little more light hearted.
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Whew... I better not let my husband read that or he won't even let me near the
PT that does some adjusting LOL!

IN truth though if someone has a GOOD chiropractor, and there are some, & if they are out of alignment it can cause all kind of pain issues.  There was even an article that explained in patients with IC, the heat created by the inflammation caused the pelvic region to often get out of alignment, which in turn increases pain.  I am sure with our kidneys this could be true as well... but rough treatment is definitely not something most of our kidneys can tolerate!

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When I was seeing a Chiropractor, he was inadvertently knocking my stones loose from my kidneys. (I had what uro called a chandelier, but I imagine as those "Magic Rock" crystals that grow in a saucer.)
He was helping my upper back but made my kidney symptoms flair up.
I think it was the massage table he put me on. It felt wonderful, but must have really gave my kidneys a pummeling. I became incapacitated by almost constant stones passing.
4 surgeries, 3 months on Macrobid and over a month on Bactrim and I am functioning for the first time in a long time.
(Watch out for those adjustments.  Every previous time I went for a series of Chiropractic Adjustments I ended up pregnant I guess getting everything aligned affected my fertility! LOL The first time we actually had been trying for 7 months and within 2 weeks of beginning adjustments I conceived.) My last two pregnancies were during treatment for car accidents!
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boy you must be a really lucky person if a chiropractor can help your stone pain.i think this is the first i heard of cracking bones helps kidney pain wow! pain dr. wouldn't even give me injections cause this has nothing to due with the spine.but i'm very happy for  if this works.
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There are some great chiropractors and some that aren't so good. We have a new one in town that seems really really good.

I went to one after the birth of my son that made things worse, then

I went to a chiropractor early on to help with both my MSK and IC!  At first I thought it helped some but in the end it made me much worse. I spent a lot wasted time and money... often spending my visit trying to educate him instead of getting the help I needed.
1. My tail bone had been badly damage in the birth of my kids.  The last adjustment
appears to have rebroken it and it is now at a 90 degree angle.
2.  I had a slipped disc in my back and neck, that he totally missed and made worse
3. I have since learned my metabolic calcium issues have cost me a lot in bone density loss,,, so .adjustment in the lower pelvic region are not a good idea.
as a matter of fact both of my PT's will not even touch it because they said at this point it will break so easily!

For me I had my doctor send me to a PT who also had training as a chiropractor.  He helped me significantly, with all the issues that were muscular skeletal.  That can be very hard to tell the difference, but they could not really help me with the actual kidney pain.  Being out of alignment can increase pain and even cause chronic pain.   We have an inverter table on our porch that I use regularly to keep things in alignment.  As well as having exercises that help too.

I also found a Pelvic pain PT who has been excellent and helped a lot with my pelvic floor muscle issues. She did find that their is a muscle above my kidney that gets
very inflamed,,, and I have exercises, a massage PT etc, to keep in under control, however even this in my case she feels is caused my the inflammation in the kidney itself.  The body will often try to protect a damaged area.  So even when the muscle in
doing well again it does nothing for my kidney pain.

I also use an energy pro which is an electrical current machine that works along the same lines as acupuncture or chiropractor, using the body's electrical current patterns to control pain.  This too is a huge help but again does not cure my kidney pain alone.

I share this with you only because I have often found that people will find something that works for them and assume it is THE cure for all!!  I do not get this impression from you, but my point these options help depending on what the cause of the pain is.

If I have an infection, an adjustment doesn't help much.  If I have a stone and are out of alignment then yes an adjustment will help it pass more easily... if I am not it won't touch the pain issues.  Many of us are also testing positive for Vit D deficiency as well.  I have a medical practitioner working on paper I will post soon explaining why this is... and it is important.

If you Vit D is low it can increase pain etc. an adjustment is not going to help this and it needs to be treated!! Esp. since this can go hand in hand with bone density loss that can make adjustments a risk. I highly recommend if your going to a chiropractor to check them out well and talk to many of their patients etc.  Like I said there are some really good ones and some that aren't so good like all doctors.  My approach has been if he claims to be able to cure you run....
if they admit they can help you etc. and are open to studying not only about your specific condition but also take time to treat you as an individual then they are worth at least trying.

Every thing we have done, helps me get part of my life back... like a puzzle we each must find what the missing pieces our in our pain issues, and fill them in with the needed pieces.  recognizing that we are alike and yet totally individual!

I do appreciate our input and am glad you found something to help your chronic pain.
I hope you never get to the place where it takes more then this!  Your friend sounds like one of the really good ones.

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