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Does stress cause menopause?

In researching articles on menopause, I found one that explains that "extreme stress, grief, or emotional upheaval" may trigger menopause or menopause symptoms.  Sometimes this is a temporary menopause.

My husband died unexpectedly six months ago and my employer put me through an federal inquisition over the bills, mostly medical bills, that my husband left to me.  In short, I have been very stressed.

I don't find much on this particular topic and would like to hear from anyone who believes herself to be in a menopausal stage triggered by stress.  If so, was it temporary?  Were the symptoms different than what most women experience, perhaps more sudden?  Know of any good articles on this subject?
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I too have this question! I had a very high stress job for 3.5 years plus other personal stresses going on.  I was always regular and then towards the end of those 3.5 years of the high stress job - nothing - for almost two years now!  I thought perhaps menopause???  We moved and I haven't worked for the past 3 yrs.  I started taking OTC Estroven x-strength the past 5-6 mths to ward off hotflashes and sleepless nights.  It took care of those issues!  My life now is pretty much stress free.  Last week I began bleeding.  Could stress have been the cause for me to just stop having periods?  Would love to hear if others have experienced the same.
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I don't think that stress itself would, I've had a lot of stress, I'm 56 and still having periods!  But I would think that stress if it leads to weight loss by not eating probably would. It could be related to fat, estrogen binds to fat cells.  And yes, I can stand to lose some weight which is easier said than done. : (
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So sorry to hear that your husband died suddenly. That happened to my sisters husband at age 40 and it was a nightmare as you well know.

But anyway, I don't have any info at hand or even know of any, but I wanted to share something with you which is sort of related to what you are saying as far as shock, trauma or stress effecting the body.

I was diagnosed with a chronic illness HCV - came as a TOTAL SHOCK and that next menstrual NEVER CAME  BACK the following month and that was 2 years ago!  I told the doctor that I believe that the shock of hearing I have a disease that could kill me made my body go into like a "Post traumatic stress disorder". Also my DHEA has been high ever since and so I started googling and I came across studies that showed when men came home from war and had PTSD,their DHEA was high also.... So some of my doctors listen and think I have a good theory and some don't say much. My PCP thinks I think out of the box all the time and that my theories make total sense.

Again, so very sorry to hear about your husband. I know I couldn't deal with that right now or ever actually, I hope I go first - I always tell him that. I hope you are alot stronger than I am.

But anyhow, you may want to check and see if your DHEA is high also. Not that the doctors got mine to lower. Mine is still high and I think its all stress related. BTW menstrual never came back.

Sorry I couldn't be of more help but this chemo has me a little queezy in the mornings and I don't have the energy to look through to find studies, but if I feel better later, the afternoons are better, I will try to find time. Gotta run.

Hope you feel better soon,
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Thanks, I am sorry to hear about your cancer.  I've never been through chemo, but I I'm told that it ain't for sissies.  

My husband didn't feel well this past Christmas Eve.   I wanted to take him to the clinic, but he said no.  He was afraid he would be admitted and he didn't want to "ruin Christmas for the kids" by being hospitalized.  Christmas Day, we gathered around the tree.  He came in, sat down, wheezed, gasped, slumped over, and died.  Heart attack.  Needless to say, it really ruined Christmas for the kids.

My job requires me to have a perfect credit report, and the resulting bills created more problems.  I have been so busy with work/credit problems, it interfered with the natural grieving process.

Now, things are smoothing out.  My job status is restored, and I am on the other side of the shock/grief of losing my husband.  I have just recently noticed several physical problems, including sudden symptoms of menopause.  I turned to the council of my favorite support group -- my female co-workers.  They say my reaction is common.  A woman is as strong as she has to be.  Her body tends to react to stress after it is all over, when she is in a "safe place."

So, I hope that when you beat this cancer, you will remember this.  Prepare for the stress to hit and take some time to heal your mind.  You might want to start thinking now about all the nice things you will do for yourself when you are on the other side of your chemo treatments.

Take good care of you!
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I am 421/2 years old. I have missed my period a few times over the years. This hasn't happened to me in a while, but for the month of June I did not have a period. It is now July 12th and still nothing. My tubes are tied , but my husband and I are trying to get a reversal. Can anyone tell me if I am just stressed out or going through premenopausal. If it is premenopausal can I still have a reversal and a succesful pregancy? Thanks for the help
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Am wondering if severe stress has caused what appears to be menopause. With the onset of insane events in my life, my periods stopped. I have symptoms that follow menopausal patterns, and would be fine with menopause except not sure. My periods were fairly regular - every 24-32 days - and then suddenly stopped. Have to say, with the stress and an inability to stomach food, I probably lost 20-25 pounds, with probably 5 of those being in hair loss. I MISS MY HAIR!! I go for months upon months without my menstrual cycle. The severe stress has eased off, but I am beyond exhausted by the events, and there is a profound sadness that hangs over me still. Any ideas out there?
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