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4 months of Penile pain.. help

I have had daily pain at the base of my shaft, and opening of the penis. Been to urgent care 3 times, they take blood and urine and say no bacterial infection. So no UTI or STDs. But the pain persists. Sometimes the whole penis feels like it’s burning, and have noticed what looks/feels like 2 swollen tubes near the base coming from the sac/ testcles.
Any help? Is this penis/testicle related ? Or Prostate? Or?
I am on a wait list for a Urologist, but they are saying 8 month wait.
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In the meantime, you might want to sort of test things out for yourself (in a way) by changing up one habit at a time and seeing if it makes a difference.  For example, with masturbation (if you masturbate).  If you tend to jerk your penis away from your body when masturbating that can cause pain (and issues) at the base, and masturbation can cause soreness/irritation in the urethra ("opening of the penis"), for example.  Follow up.
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Definitely see a urologist, and then when he says nothing is wrong, or wants you to wait 6 weeks first to "see how it goes" or you have to wait for another month just for one test, I would try to book appointments with multiple urologists if you're able to where you live.  Don't just go by one urologist's words and get discouraged.  There is definitely something going on, whether the test takers in the hospital show it on their tests or not.  So if nothing else, I'm here to offer you encouragement and to say keep at it!  Trust your instincts and not the discouraging words from medical staff who might not care much and who might be covering up for their ignorance.  I've been a patient and been through this and know how when trying to get a correct diagnosis we can hit brick wall after brick wall (for years) as many in the medical field do the bare minimum, jump to conclusions, have a tough time thinking outside the box and just rush your appointments (after even waiting 8 months for them).
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