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Balanitis For Over 3 Years

I have redness on my penis glans that shows usually as a red triangle patch in the center of my glans, coming down from my urethra and widening out as it gets to the bottom of my glans.

After any friction I’ll often also get red marks or dots in that same/similar area. Usually no pain, itchiness or discharge. I can’t recall if I got it from sex, although one time after sex my **** was swollen and it hurt to pee after - I think it happened after that. But I have no STDs.

I’ve tried the following:
- Clotrimazole
- Miconazole
- Kenacomb
- 3 Steroid creams of varying strengths
- Bepanthen
- Bactroban
- Fucidin
- Emolient moisturiser
- Probiotic moisturiser
- Coconut oil
- Oregano oil
- Black seed oil
- Jojoba oil

And yes I’ve tried long periods of applying nothing at all.

My dermatologist thinks it’s a skin condition, a type of dermatitis, however I’ve tried the steroid and moisturiser and have done what he said and it hasn’t been resolved

Please help

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Did you ever figure this out? I have a similar issue.
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Has any testing been done on it? Scraping or biopsy? Culture?

That's what I'd ask for. If you didn't get results with the first derm, you can get a second opinion.

I'm sorry - I'm sure it's really frustrating.

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