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Clear discharge, conjunctivitis - antibiotics did not help. What else can it be?

This is going to be a bit longer story - i would really appreciate if someone could help.

Middle of November 2015:
Felt like a BALANTITIS (dry glans, bit stingy/itchy, just not comfortable).
Had a "PIMPLE" on my penis, looked like some hair grown in. Hard, but not painful, not open. It was not possible to push it out.
Doctor just examined the glans, said everything is fine (he did not look at the pimple) and told me to put my Penis into CHLORHEXIDINE ACETATE SOLUTION daily for a few minutes.

General Health Check up. Diagnosis of
CONJUNCTIVITIS in both eyes.
I could not feel any of these at that point. Prostate was normal.
Unusual FATIGUE started - i am more tired than normal.

Did not get better, instead it felt like it would go up the urethra. If pushing a bit, ONE DROP OF CLEAR DISCHARGE in the morning.
Inside the urethra a feeling of stingyness and like a cold needle was pushed up along the urethra.
Doctor gave me
1x500 mg of LEVOFLOXACIN for 7 days and
3xdaily RELINGQING KELI (something chinese obviously for urinary tract infections).

On my last 2 days of treatment with Levofloxacin pain in the achilles heel sometimes. According to internet might be a side effect of the treatment.
The pimple was gone (might be unrelated?).

December 24th:
I could feel dry eyes, a bit stingy sometimes. Discharge still there.
‌3x300 mg of NIFURATEL daily,
‌Both for 7 days.
‌Still no improvement.

Middle of January:
Usually i have to **** around every 2 days. Now it is up to 3 times daily.
Still can push out 1 drop of clear discharge in the morning but now it feels like the lower urethra around the glans is better but it has wandered "upwards", some irritation in urethra in the area of my balls, the balls themselves also sometimes feel irritated.
The pain is not always the same, sometimes stronger, sometimes (almost) gone.
It seems that my hands/feet easier "fall asleep" (they get numb and after moving them, they first tingle until the feeling comes back).

‌The tests for
‌Chlamydia trichomatis
‌Human papillovirus
‌all came back NEGATIVE, urine screenings were also normal.
‌Very slight raised level of Monocytes in the blood screening (reference is 0.1-0.6, i have 0.69).
When i have sex, i always use condoms except for oral sex.

Since i stopped smoking a few months ago and switched to electronic cigarettes, i thought it might be an allergy to the propylene glycol or vegetable glycerine  in the liquid so i stopped vaping for a few days - no improvement.

Two questions:

1.) Any idea what else could it be and what i can get tested for? According to my knowledge, almost every relevant bacteria should be killed by the antibiotics that i took. Or are there any left that might be unaffected by the medicine i took?
I am living in an asian country where the doctors might not have the best education - i consulted 2 urologists and a of them said "everything great". Any hint would be appreciated (Reiter syndrome? Anything that is not directly related to urology?)

2.) How probable is it that this is a reaction to the propylene glycol/vegetable glycerine of electronic cigarettes?

Thank you so much for any help!

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Sorry - something was censored there and i cannot edit the post.  So here again in nicer language: usually i have to empty by bowels ("big business" on the toilet) around every 2 days. The last few days it is up to 2-3 times a day.
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