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I am suffering from erectile dysfunction

Hi I am Mike 22 years old Male
for more than I suffering from erectile dysfunction , low libido. before 5 month I tried running for one  week and that make it worse after that I start suffering from pleasure in anus now  and when ejaculate I feel orgasm in my anus instead of my thighs I want to feel orgasm back to my thighs  please help me

I have external hemorrhoids if that could help
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I can't imagine that running for a week would affect this.  When you have a loss of libido and erection issues, it's important to first see a doctor to look for a medical cause.  Any medications, for example.  Do you have any other issues with your penis such as it curving differently? Do you smoke? Are you over weight? Once you work with a doctor to examine you and go through your history, you can find out if this is due to a medical situation. But it often is due to mental health. Performance anxiety, stress and depression all can lead to erectile dysfunction.  Especially in a young man. https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/316215#Causes  

There does seem to be a connection between hemorrhoids and erectile dysfunction.  I don't know if that fits your situation.  But you should treat the hemorrhoid!  Talk to the doctor about that as well.  https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/hemorrhoids/diagnosis-treatment/drc-20360280  Make sure to eat high fiber foods, try not to strain during a bowel movement, use topical aids such as preperation H, etc.  
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Belive it or not now I don't want even to cure my ED or it not my big deal but anus pleasure is what I want to treat from now because it came to me many many time in a day and it's not something little it seem like whole orgasm I can focus in my life with this feeling with me all the time
I can't imagine my self live with this my whole life
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