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My boyfriend can't ejaculate during sex

My boyfriend has an unusual problem. He doesn't ejaculate during sex. He has orgasms, and says they are amazing but he's just never been able to "come" with anyone during sex. Ever. He does secrete "pre-***" and says I'm the first girl that's ever been able to get him to do that. I think it might be because he masturbates in a really unique way. He takes a fist and massages his pelvis right at the base of his penis. It's effective but sometimes it takes a really long time. He says that that's the only way he's every been able to ejaculate and only while laying on his back. We've been together a long time and marriage and kids are subjects we discuss often, he can ejaculate inside me using his technique but when it comes time for kids, I'd like to create a baby out of love. Any suggestions or related experience to help us out?
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He should talk to a urologist and make sure he doesn't have ejaculate going backwards into his body.
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His having "amazing" orgasms with you but without ejaculating is a puzzle, since most of the feeling with a male's orgasm is because of the movement of semen.  Anyway, he should avoid all masturbation and pornography and have sexual activities only with you.  He should allow you to give him a slow lubricated handjob at least twice a week.  That way you both can see if he can ejaculate with him sitting back and not having to perform.
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