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Rubber Band around Penis Shaft and Testicles

I had a stupid idea to tie a rubber band around my penis shaft and testicles for the last 2-3 minutes of masturbating. I took it off promptly after ejaculation because I realized how stupid it had been. This was abt 3 days ago, and I had never done anything like this before. I'm not in any pain, there's no bruise or swelling (there is a small mark where the band was, but it hasn't grown, changed color, etc., and I'm pretty sure it's fading), and no trouble urinating. However, I feel like when I get erect now,  my penis stays more on my testicles than before, where it had pretty much been freestanding. I've been massaging it to increase blood flow and have been steadily taking aspirin to prevent a blood clot, but I'm still growing somewhat worried, as per the erection issue. Can anyone give me some advice?
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The fact that you are not getting full erection may have nothing to do with your rubber band adventure - it just may be a coincidence.  Erections become less full as you age (and/or due to various other factors such as illness, psychological issues, etc.) , and since you haven't mentioned your age it's hard to conclude anything related to that.  You can wait and see how it turns out, or if it bothers you that much a trip to Urologist is in order.
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I don't think your massaging your penis to improve blood-flow is a good idea as you've more than likely collapsed some of the cartilage in your penis.  If it doesn't improve its own function in 7-10 days, you have - as I see it - two choices:  As long as no infection develops and your normal bodily/sexual functions aren't totally disrupted, you may be able to live with it.  Or, as I personally believe you should have done once you realized what had happened, you could go to a urologist and get a professional opinion.

P.S. - If you haven't done so already, maybe you should think about switching to boxers for a while.
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It doesn't sound like you harmed yourself. The issue about where your penis is when you get erect, well, it might have been happening already and you didn't notice until you put the spotlight on it after your event with the rubber band. Unless you have blood coming out in your semen or something like that, I would suggest you're OK.
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