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Testicular Pain but Normal Ultrasound and Tests?

Hi guys,

I’m just wanting a second opinion here on something which appears to have been analysed to death by doctors and specialists whom have so far been unable to find anything.

About a year and a half ago I had a missed case of Epididymitis in my left testicle which also spread to the testicle because it was not picked up or treated on time by my GP. The left side is now finally pain free again, apart from the odd occasion where I get pain there every now and then.

My current issue is pain in my right testicle which feels like a sort of aching / pulling sort of pain… It’s not extremely painful and I’ve had 2 ultrasound scans of my testicles which have shown that apparently everything is normal. Both of these scans were done by two different Urologists. I have also had my testicles examined by both urologists.

According to my GP and both Urologists, everything is fine and nothing is showing on the ultrasound scans, however this pain in the right side still persists and Is beginning to concern me quite a lot.

My only other option would be to get a third opinion, as my left testicle suffered atrophy due to the infection, and then after the infection was gotten rid of by antibiotics everything was fine. But on the right side I have noticed that my testicle feels smaller than before…

I’ve also had a full blood count as well as hormone levels which show a normal Testosterone level and everything else is normal with my blood work, which has been looked at by more than one doctor.

What on earth could be the cause of this pain in the right side even though everything on my tests and scans is coming back “normal”? Should I get a third opinion?

I do suffer with Anxiety and Depression if that might have anything to do with it?

Thanks guys! I’m desperate for help and any advice would be great!
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