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Urethra opening tip pain and discomfort as well as scrotum

In the beginning since Christmas, i had a UTI. I treated it until that went away after taking medication for a week. A week after around the 7th of January. I was feeling a lot of pain in the testicles, scrotum and urethral opening (I even felt there was smoke coming from one of the testicles). I went to the ER on the 18th of Jan and thought it was epididymitis. Doctor gave me two antibiotics 1:doxycycline and the other is a shot of a different antibiotic and 30 minutes after I felt so much better. I was prescribed doxycycline for 7 days. After completing it I felt so much better taking the medication like the pain subsided and was back to normal until 7 days after completing antibiotics. the urethral opening feels like a cut pain being exposed to air and scrotum feels pinched. My guess is from being in a lot of pain cause some nerve sensitivity. Luckily, I don't have that sharp pain where I can't sit or feel a burning sensation. I also have not been feeling well (could have a stomach virus bug in the process and that might be the reason why I am feeling discomfort again). My question is Do I need to go back to the ER and get on another antibiotic? I read online that full recovery can last for 3 months.
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This is a side note, you actually don't need the ER but a regular doctor. Do you have a primary care doctor? It's a lot cheaper than an ER visit for penis pain and antibiotics. If you don't have a primary care giver, an urgent care is more appropriate than an ER (Emergency medicine, right? . . .   not for regular treatment and especially for an ongoing problem). You need to be followed by a regular doctor. Doxycycline works well but you may not need it again. I'd want you to get checked for a fungal infection. A doctor that can follow your case is your best bet.
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