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butt crack bleeding

I know I'm joining in on this conversation a little late but I recently had an incident that eventually led me to this website.

I am a police officer and I recently got into a scuffle with a bad guy.  As I performed my take-down technique I ended up landing on my rear-end.  The day progressed as usual and the bad guy went to jail.  When I got home and went to take a shower, I noticed that the back side of my boxer shorts were bloody.  When I wiped with toilet paper I wiped a significant amount of blood from the top of my butt crack by my tail bone.  I immediately recalled a time when I was approximately 17 years old when I had similar symptoms.

Every once in a while I experience itching and irritation in the same area and some very light bleeding, but nothing as bad as what I experience the other day.  I know it's not herpes because before joining the force I had to undergo a rigorous physical which tested for STD's and it came back clean.  I have been with my wife and only my wife since and she is clean as well.  I do not think it's a pilonidal cyst.  I can feel what appears to be a slight indentation in my butt crack where the bleeding occurred.  Any further thoughts on what this could be other than possibly a crack in the skin (which I have read could be an explanation)?  I also do a lot of physical exercise to stay in better shape than the bad guy... Could it be because the skin underneath the tail bone is very thin and doing exercises such as sit-ups on hard surfaces keeps this area irritated? And the impact of my rear-end hitting the ground caused a crack?  Any thoughts are appreciated

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