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embarassing testicular ultrasound ejaculation

I'm 32 married and I just got my first testicular sonogram. I had a mild injury to my left testicle while wrestling and wanted to see if this was effecting my ability to get my wife pregnant. I asked if a female tech was available for the proceedure, because I was concerned about getting hard, because my testicles are sensitive. But none was available, so the male tech did it. He seemed cool and mentioned his wife, which put me at ease. The proceedure lasted about 25 minutes. He applied this wet gel that is a little cool to the area, and then rubbed a probe around to take pics of my testicles. This is was done in a non-sexual way. He talked to me about the Yankees for most of the time. I was soft for the first 10 mins or so, too. But I became uncomfortable when I suddenly started to feel my penis tingling, like it might start to become erect. I started to shift around on the table to concentrate and make it go down. The tech asked me if I was OK, and said it was perfectly normal to become erect. Just him commenting about it made be embarassed. He asked me if my wife had any trouble with me entering her because of my size when erect. The question made me feel more uncomfortable. I actually asked him to stop about 10 minutes later, because I began get pre-ejaculate, was very erect, and I thought I might ejaculate. He said I should "release the ejaculate", that they needed to test my sperm anyway (my wife was having trouble getting pregnant). I asked him to stop for a second so I could calm down. He told me to close my eyes and imagine I was somewhere else. He moved the probe up and down my penis, which he said he needed to do to increase the bloodflow to the area. I closed my eyes and thought of my wife, just to get the whole thing over with. I ejaculated quickly, he scooped it up into a test tube. I could not look at him. I never told anyone this story. My wife could tell I was upset, but she doesn't know what happened. Now when I think of what happened it makes me angry at the tech, even if he was just doing his job. I'm too embarassed to go back to that office again. What should I do?
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