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foreskin tightening

I'm a HIV/STD free homosexual male of 27 years who is sexually active since 6 years now, but never have had an unprotected sex. For the past 9-10 months, I have been having a troublesome time with my penis. It first started with an itching and a slight inflammation inside my uncircumcised penis for which I used to apply oil, I thought it could be due to excessive masturbation. I take too much care of my penis by washing it twice daily with soap apart from washing it off with soap right away after I masturbate. I consulted a physician 7 months ago and he advised me that it could be lesions and prescribed me some antibiotics for less than a week, I checked for HIV and VDRL then, the results came back negative. It was normal after antibiotics for 2 months and the same problem kicked off again. I myself  started a course of antibiotics and a creme and the effect was slow. Now its has again started for the third time and I have been undergoing this trouble since 2 months. This time, my penis has an inflammation. Turns red and burns a lot at times like ammonia which is present in bleaching creams, especially when my penis gets erect or if there was a precum the burning sensation is high the next day. Foreskin lost its elasticity, it is tough to roll back and the bottom part of my penis head seems swollen a bit and burning starts from the place under penis head on the shaft where the foreskin stops and forms a thick ring. No burning sensation when I pee although it is yellow always! The foreskin of my penis was easy to retract and it very much looked like a circumcised penis all these years, but now I have to strain myself to pull it down. But again it doesn't give any pain while I do it and at times my penis seems to be perfectly normal without burning sensation except the tight foreskin.
Consulted two urologists this time.

First urologist advised me to down plenty of water, said it is quite common in men, prescribed me SYSCAN 200 mg tablet for 3 days and CANDID ointment for a week after which everything was normal. Checked my urine routine and glucose random and it was normal too! Again after a fortnight the same problem arises and I consulted another urologist, he too advised me it could be because of soap, examined my penis and said it seems to be normal and not to take any antibiotic or apply any ointment and says to keep penis always dry which is practically not possible.
I got myself checked for glucose random, HIV and VDRL last week and the results came back negative again.
Could this problem be due to the bruises during oral sex? Could it be Balanitis or Phimosis ? Am so confused about what it is. It's been a while since I masturbated now.
Kindly give me a solution.

[ Tags: slightly swollen under the head of penis, more irritation when penis gets erect or when it is wet, foreskin non-elastic and no lubrication effect, foreskin forms a thick ring on the shaft under penis head and the irritation starts from there. ]  
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