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small lump under skin over penis

My husband gets on his inner thighs lymph nodes that will swell like cysts then disappear & he has already seen a urologist & oncologist & they said its ok. Aka not cancer. Just an infection causing it. He has had lumps in his scrotum that were blocked hair folicles.

He resently developed a pea size lump above his penis that does NOT hurt & can be moved around. It isn't visible to the eye except once when he was showing me and moved it behind a small vein so it looked like the vein was pushed out. Otherwise pea shaped under skin away from a vein.

We got it checked by PCP while it was there & the day before had felt it had gone deeper under the skin. Well his PCP barely even looked & I don't think even felt it & said it was a genital wart.

We are monogomus & each others only partners (yes I believe he did NOT cheat) considering its not viewable unless its behind the vein I do not see how his PCP could just glance & make that conclusion.

I looked up every type of genital wart informational site I could & nothing matches. It's not raised or discoloured or textured. Maybe its wishful thinking but I can't really find anything other than a hernia that fits & its gone now overnight one night as quickly as it appeared so I don't know of that's possible with a hernia. I did read genital warts can go away with out treatment but this was a short timespan.

My question is could this be another lymph node episode even thought right above the shaft of his penis where there is no hair?

Could this really be genital warts even though a lump under skin that you cant see?

Sorry so long & if there are any mispellings my auto text is going wild.
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Hi Kathy, look did think of HPV genital warts from the top, and the trouble with it sometimes does not show up in tests, and once you have it its with you for life, you become a carrier, best to get him and to an STD clinic and get yourselfs tested.
Good Luck
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I would get a second opinion.  Call urologist offices in your area and see if they can diagnose it for you.  
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