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Atypical migraine

6 months ago, late Feb., I started getting a feeling of unsteadiness, not really vertigo, I don't think.  Got worse until saw MD referred to neurologist.  Also saw ENT because bilateral ear pain began before could see neurologist.  After ear pain MD gave me allegra-D and nasal steroid, didn't do much.  Unsteadiness is constant all day and much worse in stressful situations, crowds, and if I got too hot.  Felt like what I would imagine social anxiety is.  So bad in some social situations needed to sit down.  Neurologist and ENT thought probable viral damage or stress or allergies but said may never know for sure.  Diagnosis of atypical migraine.  Went on tri-cyclic antidepressant for 6 weeks.  Helped right away with unsteadiness feeling, about 80-90% better, still bad under big store lights.  Still had ear pain.  Then felt good for one month, rare ear pain and almost no unsteadiness even in social situations.  Then I got shingles (herpes zoster) at 29.  I recognized very early, confirmed with MD and took anti-virals very early.  It was not as bad as many with shingles but still had pain on back for couple weeks.  Then return of intense bilateral ear pain again and followed by return of unsteadiness especially in social situations.  My thoughts, allergies at beginning of season and end, but allegra not help much so?.  Herpes zoster attacking over and over, is that likely?  I thought body built up immunity to it after attacks.  Just stress of new job, started in Feb. similar time as all began.  Going to try an NTi, an occlusal deprogrammer, to try to rule out TMD issues.  Ear pain is close to condyles of mandible and usually chew gum almost all day.  Going back to neurologist.  Believe atypical migraine is correct diagnosis but would rather find out cause instead of treating symptoms.
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How are you?
Yes herpes zoster can be recurrent especially in patients with very low immunity.
It is quite possible that your symptoms are due to TMJ (temporomandibular joint) since you have habit of chewing gum all day.
I would suggest you to consult an ENT specialist and undergo an Xray or CT scan. This will help in making the correct diagnosis.
I think the occlusal deprogrammer will help alleviate your symptoms so please go ahead and try it.
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Not sure I am doing this right but I wanted to follow up and say nearly everything is gone now.  I still think herpes zoster attacked the auriculotemporal nerve due to the timing of everything.  I also had nystagmus when things were at their worst.  I ended up taking an SSRI and was diagnosed with atypical migraine.  I will still very rarely get symptoms if I am hot and under weird lighting and some other things that cause migraines for others. I'll still feel it first right by my ears and it makes me dizzy.  
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