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Chocolate = Pain?

Why is it that every time I eat chocolate I get head aches so big that I can't walk at times? I've noticed over my short life span that every time I injest chocolate of any kind (except for white chocolate because that's not really chocolate) I get really, really big migraines that can some times last for weeks and if I don't treat them before they get huge I sometimes have to go back to the hospital to get some stronger drug put in me through introvenus...

Can anyone explain why that is because I love chocolate and not being able to eat it just *****...
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Hi there. Chocolate is a migraine trigger since it contains amino acid tyramine, which reduces serotonin levels in the brain affecting the vessels dilatation.  The connection could be that women tend to crave for chocolate during stress and hormonal changes and these may trigger headaches. The amount of chocolate is also significant as a trigger. Hope this helps. Take care.
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The name for this problem is Tyramine Intolerance.  The list that geminigirl1963 posted as the common triggers is due to Tyramine Intolerance.  You will likely lose the cravings for these common triggers after you are away from them for a while, because you will still remember feeling so miserable that took away from the momentary pleasure of consuming that food or drink.

One other big thing that often falls under Tyramine Intolerance is gluten intolerance...
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wow what a week from hell. im 38m in decent shape slightly overweight in my view. had bm and bam felt like kicked in head went to er and in icu for three days w the first headache of my life. ct mri and newer mrv, chest xray? all inconclusive and appear normal? threw up in mrv that was horrible. was guinee pig for three days while they tried some medication. morphine for pain turned to something stronger cant remember the name det something. then on variety of iv blood pressure meds. sent home w bp medication starteed feeling slightly better. had more bm headaches also when i would just sit on toilet like it new i needed to ****. get them when i sit to pee lay in front of my laptop. they last from 10 min to over 24 hours.  back in er three days later with bad one just didnt know what to do.  feels like some one kicking my face every heart beat.going to neuro dr in a few days cant take this **** wtf. im totaly dieting now and want to lose 25 lbs. lowered salt, bought healthier groceries. sex causes them or just sitting down fast. its 4 in the morn woke up at 3 to have bm and got back on toilet 4x couldnt stop ******** headache either came back or didnt go away. now normal living has low pulse in head which was not the case prior. loose watery stool like pee from softeners, kill me it burns my head is pounding and i want to die im currently out of work but not sure if i can with these dam things. lucky i had insurance thru state funded or id be broke too. 20k for the first 3 day visit im sure. not sure of other visit only 4 hours. ooohh its pounding but i want to share this with you right now ahhhh f. asking me ?s when i have them is the worst. i want to kill you to for asking me stuff sorry. i hope this helps somebody ill post more after the nuero dr next week. im currently on ondansetron 4mg, metoprolol25 mg twice a day, lisinopril20 mg once a day, stool softeners, vitamin d, ibuprophen. it hurts bad light from comp killing me gonna lay in dark and pray to buhhda for strength.
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Unfortunately chocolate can be one of the biggest migraine triggers for many people.  Some scientists say it's because it contains a certain type of amino acid and others say that it could also be because many people crave chocolate (and other comfort foods) when they are stressed, and it is well know that stress can at least add to migraines.

Some other foods/drinks that contain the same amino acid that chocolate does that may be to blame for the migraines are:

Aged cheeses, such as gouda and aged cheddar
red wine
processed meats, such as cold cuts
Alcoholic beverages, such as beer

Overripe bananas
Soy based foods

Some people do find that, while they may not be able to eat a lot of a food that triggers their migraines, they might be able to eat a small amount.  Have you experimented with hte amount of chocolate that you eat?  If you haven't yet, you may want to try and see if eating just a small amount (1-2 small squares of a hershey bar) is something you can get away with.  That way you'd still be able to enjoy a LITTLE bit of the chocolate that you love, but won't be miserable with a headache.

Have you been able to also attribute your headaches to times when you may be under more stress than normal?  Or a particular time in your menstrual cycle?  These things could be also a culprit, so it might not be completely the chocolate.

Have you seen a doctor for your headaches?  If you haven't, you need to - they might be able to presribe you something that will either help avoid them or be able to stop them sooner after they start so you don't get so sick with them.

Best of luck!
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