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Very dizzy

Hi all

I had a miscarriage in Feb. one month 3 days later I got a period...However I am experiencing  cramps have headaches and was extremly dizzy last night, also having some nauseau..I'm not used to having cramps during my cycle--only before my cycle...In the back of my head It seems like another miscarriage..

Any one experienced this?
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Depending on whether you had a natural miscarriage or a D&C and how far along you were it could just be that your body is still recovering.  If you continue to feel dizzy it may be worth getting your iron levels checked, if you've been losing a lot blood you may be anaemic.  If you're worried it's always worth checking with your Dr to be sure that there are no products left from the pregnancy.
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The exact same thing is happening to me... I had my m/c on Feb 9th adn I got what I was thinking was a period but now I am a little confused.... I started spotting...it was pinkish and then burnt red but only for a few hours and not heavy at all. Now..... Nothing! I am dizzy and my breast still hurt so I don't know what is going on.... Let me know how you are doing. I was slightly cramping aswell.
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Hi everything is returning to normal--it appears; my AF turned from brown to my usual color-- this should be the last day (fifth day). I believe I was dizzy because of AF and I believe my body is trying to return to normal...

Maybe that's whats going on with you..Hang in there

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I don't know what mine is then I still haven't gotten more than what was posted above but I will do a test.... ::Sigh::
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I have experienced everything of what 44wannabeamomagn has. I had a miscarriage in May 2009 & another in October 2009, both were done D&C. I had normal periods after that maybe a little spotting in between at first which I know the doctors said is normal. However, last month I had my period & I spotted a few days after that for a few days. Went to get tested at the local clinic & it came back negative. I had a horrible headache last night that I just got rid of a few hours ago. It died down a bit during the day today but didn't completely go away until recently. I've been getting queasy quite a bit & also dizzy lately when I stand up & so on. How long does it take to completely be back to normal as far as periods go? I just got off my period last Tuesday & a few days later I started spotting & I still am. Could I be pregnant even though the test a few weeks ago was negative, maybe it wasn't soon enough?
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Well, as I mentioned AF came March 8-12, well today I am bleeding again..I'm going to call my doctor 2morrow...From what I've read on the post...there may be spotting between periods...

Maybe you should call your Doc to ease your mind...
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