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Adderall XR and IR

Anyone here taking Adderall XR or IR, if so what is the dosage you're on and which one do you prefer?  
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Hi Bob, I'm Kelli.  I don't takeAderall.  I use to but I switched over to Vyvance which is time released and I take 50 mg in the morning and it wears down around 8pm.  I never feel wired, mabye because I am always so tired.  I don't know, but I love the Vyvance. It's been a life saver for me.  Good luck on the adderall!  Let us know what you end up doing so I know since we are on the same type of meds.  

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I actually take Adderall XR and IR each day and have for about 4/5 years..
Here's how my setup is, my work schedule is from 5am-2:20pm.
Adderall XR 30mg Capsule at 4:30am
Adderall IR 30mg Tablet at 8:30/9am
Adderall IR 20mg Tablet at 12:30/1pm
This gets me through the day and I'm able to stay on task, focused and be productive. I don't feel the crash until about 5pm, at which point i'm basically useless. I end up wandering around my house picking things up just to put them down and then go to another room and come back and not be able to find whatever object i had set down 30 seconds earlier. So, yeah, after 80mg of Adderall in your system the crash really makes you a space cadet, holding conversations, even speaking in full sentences is rather complicated.
However, the fog wears off around 7/7:30 to where i am able to actively yell answers at the tv when Jeopardy comes on and then remember to feed myself before going to bed (because with all that Adderall in your system, you do not feel hungery at all during the day and I stay so focused on what i am doing that i forget to stop and eat something or get up and take a break - the clock is not something i look at regularly, I just have alarms set up to remind me when its time to take medicine and when its time to stop work and go home)
Here's how my psychiatrist makes this possible for me: he writes 3 separate RX's:
1) Adderall XR 30mg 1 Capsule every morning (30 pills)
2) Adderall IR 30mg 1 Tablet at lunch (30 pills)
3) Adderall IR 20mg 1 Tablet every afternoon (30 pills)

I used to take 30mg in the afternoon but Insurance change or some regulation changed and i could no longer get 60 pills of the 30mg IR tablets so we bypassed that by writing the 20mg IR to get me through the afternoon.
It works really well for me, but I don't have anything or anyone that i have to be responsible for once i come home after work, so being a space cadet for a few hours doesn't matter, but i can see where it would be a big problem if you had kids or obligations that required you to do more than sit on the couch.
My psychiatrist is honestly the best man in the world. Since you have to have scripts written for each refill of this medicine, and I only see him every 6 weeks, when I go, I get extra RX's pre-dated so that I don't run out before I go back and see him. So i walk out of the office with 6 RX's for Adderall. 3 for immediate refill and 3 dated one month in the future from my appointment so that I can get my refill and not run out in case I miss an appointment or something and can't get to the office to pick up written RX. That way I'm totally covered, because I cannot do my job without the Adderall and I work 7 days a week and often have overtime where I'm working past 2:30.
I hope whatever combination you are on works, I have tried the XR and IR at the same time and don't like the effect, it doesn't do anything to help me with concentration or focus, it really just increases my heart rate which causes me to have more problems with my anxiety. Whereas the combination that I'm on pretty much has a steady flow of the medication into my system which is doing exactly what I think its supposed to do.
Good luck!  

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   Thanks for your reply!

    Take care, Bob
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I have tried Adderall and Ritalin in the XR doses.  The "skirts" when the drug wears off are a bit too steep for my liking..  I worked with my doctor and we set my dosage at 15 mg of Adderall twice a day (when I wake and 8 hours later.)   That seems to work best without messing with my sleep.

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