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Back from the ortho

Happy, happy, joy, joy . . . I have arthritis in my right knee (sought help because of the Baker's cyst I've coped with since June).  My MS journey began with a rheumy two - three years ago, but there was no indication of arthritis at that time.  I moved on to a neurologist and quickly left thoughts of arthritis behind, but I'M Baaaack (read that in a slow creepy voice :).  Almost all of my symptoms are confined to the right side, with my right thigh being noticeably smaller than my left.  I'm just wondering if the tightness of the calf muscle - or the atrophy of the thigh - could have weakened the knee joint????  Haven't I read that MSers are more prone to other autoimmune disorders . . . such as rheumatoid arthritis?  I know, I know . . . I'm trying to wrap everything up in a single package again.  

Anxious to hear your thoughts,


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How do they determine if you have osteoarthritis or rheumatoid?  Have your knees affected the hip joints any?
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Speaking as someone with two arthritic knees, anything that affects your gait can add to the wear and tear on your knees.  When I hurt my first knee, that made me walk funny, which probably didn't do the other knee any good, then I hurt the good knee.  OK, maybe I just have bad genes, but I do know when I limp, my knees hurt worse.

I think that thigh atrophy and tight calf muscle would definitely pull things out of their normal position, causing extra wear and tear.  I think osteoarthritis is less of a bummer than rheumatoid, so maybe it could just be a bow on your neat single package.


I would LOVE to wrap up everything in a nice single package!  I have so much going on that I totally confuse my doctors.  I get confused myself, trying to figure it all out so I can make the most out of my life.
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