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Fibro or MS

Okay, let me start with history. I have had my issues for 5 years since 2010. It first started out as issues with major soreness after weekend of house chores in yard and after gym workouts. The gym workouts did not concern me as much because I could cause some stress on muscle with weight lifting but after yardwork did not make sense because I do that every week for years and not any major yardwork, just mowing and weeding. It started with fatigue and muscle soreness all over my body which I could not explain. Started seeing a doc and they diagnosed me with Fibromyalgia initially but I did not agree with diagnosis. I finally asked a year ago to rule out MS because all the meds and all  recommended treatments for Fibromyalgia were no t working. Lyrica was at the highest dosage for Fibromyalgia and it did nothing for me.

Found out I had a torn meniscus which explained some of my leg issues but not the fact that I still experienced spasticity in my other leg and arms. MS is explained with various symptoms for each individual depending on the locations impacted by lesions. I have been tested to rule out RA and other conditions but the one not done was the MS. I am scheduled finally for a brain MRI and we shall see what that comes back. I just want to know a name to my issues. If I have MS and I believe that if it is, it is progressive because now My have difficulty walking and balance is off dramatically. I also have had muscle strength loss all over. I have been working out with weights and my strength has been reduced to 50% of what it used to be. I lift 50% of my previous weight and my muscles start tightening up almost immediately. I push through it to complete my workout but after a couple of weeks, I still cannot go to higher weight.  

This is not normal for me with weight lifting. I am trying to keep positive but not knowing is driving me crazy. I can barely walk without limping with pain. I pull myself up the stairs of my house to get to my room to sleep and getting out of a chair is painful as well. I am a Database Administrator so do a lot of typing and my arms eventually get sore so I even bought the Nuance Dragon Naturally Speaking to help in that area at least for personal use. For work, I would probably have to have a diagnosis first before  approach management for some assistance. I do not know the reason for this post, maybe venting or some support from somebody. I really do not know. My situation is getting worse, not better and I guess I need to reach out to a group in the same situation.

By the way, I have OSA and I recently got diagnosed with Diabetes II.

Thanks you for reading.
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I personally do not think that the symptoms described above would be extremely related to sleep apnea or diabetes.. I would believe something more along the lines of a muscular problem... I have similar problems - and have been told the same. Have not followed up with a doctor; reason being - most of them are "guessing" just as we are...
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Hi and welcome,

To be honest, MS is not the most likely explanation for what you've described experiencing, MS basically doesn't cause all over symptoms, and keep in mind that you've been diagnosed with obstructive sleep apnea and type 2 diabetes, which could medically explain what you've been going through, more easily than an untypical presentation of MS would.  

Have you research these conditions or discussed all the issues associated with them with your doctor?

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