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First interview tomorrow- Thurs.

My first interview ever, and I'm pretty nervous. I've been told by my pervious employer/current clincal site director that as long as I don't screw this interview up that I "have the job". But, I have to get past the HR interview and get to the department interview. Whew, um...no pressure right?

I was also told that I'm being hired at 90% of my salary and that if I don't pass my certification the first time I lose my job, bingo! So, yes, that makes me more nervous to take the test too! (i'm studying until August for that one)

Ok, so prayers, best wishes, advice, you know, all that wonderful things a family would give is great welcomed!
PS 7 days till college graduation!!
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Eee Haww!!

Good for you, Sweetie!  I'm so happy it went well!  I know those things are so nerve-wrenching!

On to bigger and brighter, sunny days!!!

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Whooo Hooo!   Congratulations, I'm very happy for you!  You did great!

Good luck on the vehicle hunt.  Enjoy yourself!

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BACK from the interview- it took an hour and a half- I didn't feel my greatest and fielded a few questions about health etc. but it overall went GREAT!!!! She said that she want to hire me, and that as soon as I pass the certification to call her, as she is very excited about placing me in her department. Oh, and I ended up completing both the HR and the department interview today. Smiles!

So, i'm VERY excited.... i will have very good hours, and the salary is a good starting salary (they arent very competitive once you gain experience, but they start with a good base salary).

So, now I'm off to look a for "new" used vehicle that I can afford.
Have a wonderful afternoon and thanks for the tips!!
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Good Luck with the interview, I'm sure you will do fine...

you have to just Relax and be yourself, try not to panic inside...and let you mind work...OK..

I know it's not a easy process, going through an interview...but everyone does them and they won't go away, so think of it as a good practice for Learning how to go to an interview.??  

sorry, not making sense...but I think you know what I mean..

Good luck and Breath....OK

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Thanks, will take all that wonderful advice and put it to work. (don't worry about the gum- I don't chew any due to a jaw problem- but I'll not eat any chewy mints either!)

I'm excited.... but gracious, I wish it was over!

Thanks for the tip on looking up interview questions, I'll feel more prepared that way too!

I'll be sure to let you know how it goes.........
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Hi, Sunny~

Take a deep breath, get some good sleep rest, and try to relax.  You've got good brains inside of your head. We know this.  Sometimes it doesn't feel like it with all the cog fog, but the good stuff is there!  It will shine tomorrow!!

You can do this.  With all you just got through with school, this will be smooth sailing.  Relax!

Big hug,

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You seem like a very kind, warm hearted person with a good head on your shoulders...so be yourself!  I can honestly say that I have gotten every job that I have ever been interviewed for and that is the number one thing that did it for me.  If you are too animated or come across as too over-bearing, it just won't work for ya...you have to be yourself so they know exactly what they are getting.  I find that when you are sitting waiting to go in for the interview that I get myself all worked up but once I am in the interview I always remember to tell myself to relax and be myself and take that first deep breath and dive right in and you will be fine.  

Prepare for the questions that you may be asked like..."Why do you want to work here? and "What do you see yourself doing 10 years down the road?"  They sound easy now but once you are sitting with the interviewer they can be very tricky questions.  Try googling job interviews or the most asked questions in job interviews and I am sure that you will find some information on what to expect.

Like I said before, you seem to have a good head on your shoulders and I believe that being yourself is going to be your best bet...act natural and DON'T CHEW GUM!!!  Believe it or not some people do and it is such a turn off.  Sit up straight, don't fidget, speak clearly and concisely and make like you mean business and you will do great!

Be sure to let us know how you make out ok?  

Lots of Hugs and Best of Luck,

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