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Needing help please

Hi I am a 36 year old female. I have 3 children ages 16 13 and 7. I have been diagnosed with Ehlers Danlos syndrome, fibromyalgia, and hypothyroidism. The past year or more I have had symptoms such as short term memory loss, and this has been adding onto the long term memory loss I have. I can say something and forget what ive said, i have to have a notepad page open on my laptop and make notes on things as and when i think of them as if I open a new window its gone from my mind. I have had blurry vision in my right eye and pins and needles in my face. I have been to the eye emergency and had drops in and they didnt see any tumours. I would describe this vision as looking through a thin piece of paper. that comes and goes. the pain that is with the pin and needles is worse now. i have been dropping things and losing control of my hands due to pins and needles. I lose feeling especially in my right foot and lower leg but also now in my left leg. I have been stuck in seats and the bathroom a few times now. and ive fallen down onto my knees a few times. during these times i have also embarassingly lost control of my bladder slightly and have been wearing pads to hopefully not have this leak all over. these symptoms come and go but have come back worse and this week have been really bad. my face hurts with the pins and needles and my eyelid has been drooping. ive gone to get up from the toilet and my knee has gone one way and my ankle to the other and ive fallen. the eye hospital said they have asked the gp to refer me to neurology for this and this was back in august. ive asked the gp and shes supposedly been chasing it up for months. ive been getting sore rib pain as well. do you think a visit to a and e or a walk in centre/out of hours might help as i dont feel i am getting anywhere?. im worried it will get worse or i will be stuck somewhere. thank you for reading this and for any help. Emma x
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Hi there & welcome,

I'm sorry your post has been missed but it's a time of year where the boards aren't frequently visited.

I am hoping that you have taken yourself to a doctor by now but if you haven't please do. You have a drooping eyelid that is pretty suspicious for stroke so it's important you get an all clear from a doctor first & formost.

In regards to the complete picture of what's going on with you I honestly wouldn't know and as none of us are doctors here I would be seeking a referral to a good Neurologist and get fully assessed. Unfortunately a PCP cannot dx so even though they are assisting in this process it's important you get an assessment by a Neuro as well.

Take Care,

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I agree with the previous post. You must go to a dr to be analyzed for a stroke. Then you need to see a neurologist.  Your pcp really dropped the ball on this one.  Do you need a referral to one for your insurance? If so you really need to really need to harass your pcp, The squeaky wheel gets tar oil.
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a walk in clinic won't do you any good; find a neurologist and if that doesn't work, hit the ER……...
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