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Perhaps I have gone Mad!

I never have been one to shy away from a challenge, but I am not necessarily an adventure seeker either.   For some reason opportunities seem to land my way lately - the most recent just happened on Friday.

My Tai Chi class isn't being offered this term and the water aerobics class is in the evening, much later than I want to stay after work.  I need something else physical to go with the body sculpting class my body so desperately needs that I am doing on my lunch time twice a week.

I saw my PT on Thursday and talked to her about what opportunities may be happening in the PT department on campus for MS patients. She gave me the name of the lead doctor to contact and encouraged me to write to him.  Before the day was finished I dropped him an email and told him I was available if there were any studies coming up that I could be of use.

Well first thing Friday this kind doctor called and asked if I could step into a study that was just beginning on Saturday - one of the 5 subjects he had lined up withdrew at the last moment.  

They are studying a method of exercise that will strengthen the MS patient and improve balance. A local hospital is sponsoring this study and looking to add this into their PT department programming.  My need for another exercise program is being fulfilled.  Its a win-win situation for everyone.

The group will workout twice a week for 8 weeks.  We all underwent pre-study evaluation and they will check us at the end to see what improvement if any, we have made.

So tomorrow, Monday night, I will be going to my second class.  

Are you wondering what the exercise is?  Picture me as a 54 year old kick-boxer!  Have I gone mad???  I'll let you know in a few weeks.

as always,
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Hi Lulu,

I think you've gone loopy lala, kick-boxing is a hoot or maybe its the visual i got thinking about it, think combo of kick-boxer and clown school. I dont know about you but I'd need someone to hold me up everytime i lifted a leg, timber!!!! If they put the gloves on me i'd never lift my arms up, it would be a fun, i'm sure you'll have a lot of laughs but i'm not sure you'll be the next world champion.


PS Your only as young as you feel!
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Well Lulu,  I can see it, you with a pink robe draped over your shoulders with your gloves on the crowd screaming lulululululu.......yep I think this is great.  I bet you will get some great results and have some fun with it.  Now instead of an MS walk, like they do for heart disease ect we can have and MS Box.? :)

Keep us posted how it goes, and thanks for sharing this.  I think it will inspire others too.
I grab the counter when I do my Crane imitation...but I too need sculpting as I am sure I do not look anything like a Crane...LOL heheheha.

Enjoy yourself and keep us posted,
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I love that you're doing kick boxing!  I bet you'll have a ton of fun....and maybe get in touch with your inner tough-girl!

Have a blast!
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You go, girl!  Soon you'll be downright dangerous!

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I'm looking forward to your results.  I've been looking for a way to exercise and will try anything I can to help me become stronger.  Good luck with the kick boxing!  Let us all know how you are doing.  Charley.
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Girl Friend ! I want Pictures of you all dressed up ready to Kick some Butt !!!
Lulu, you so Rock !!!
Just have Fun.. and all that stuff, I always say  ;-)
Love & Hugs being sent out to Our Champion {{{{~!~}}}}
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