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What do you do about your tremors?

I'm pretty shaky today (yesterday was even worse.)  It's always worse when I'm real tired...  Makes it hard to cut vegetables or insert CDs!  And my head bobbles around like it's on a spring, especially when I'm in the car.

So I know we all get 'em - what has your doc prescribed, if anything?  Mine was pretty non-communicative.
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Hi Jen. My tremors are confined to my hands and arms, sometimes a bit of tremulo in my voice. I've never had a prescription and really didn't know there was such a thing. I have trouble doing fine tasks like putting on makeup, so I often steady one hand with the other. For me it's largely been just embarrassing, with people maybe thinking I've been on the sauce or have major social anxiety or something. Long ago I decided they'll just have to think whatever they want to.

Your tremors sound worse. Hope someone here knows a solution.

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I have bilateral tremors in my hands.   My doc won't prescribe anything for them.  He's says they are not "typical MS tremors" (???)   I've had them for over a year now.

I visited a Rheumy and she was a bit surprised that my neuro didn't Rx anything for them, but they are fine shakes, so ????   Most people can't tell I have them, but they get worse the more I use my hands (like typing at the keyboard).  

Why won't your doc Rx you anything?  Did he/she say why?   If they are interferring with how or what you do at times, can't he give you something for them?

Take care, Pat
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My doc is strangely unhelpful at times...  I think if it gets any worse, I'm going to have to find a new neuro.  He's smart and knows his stuff, but he's not very good with people.

I mentioned my tremors at our last appointment, but either he didn't hear me or ignored me.  Mostly he was checking to make sure I wasn't progressing.  He thought I wasn't, which I'm a little dubious about... but maybe the clinical definition of progressing is different from the subjective.
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  I guess my doc is a little bit more understanding on that part as I have the tremors daily from all the chemicals I been around and gives me diazepam 10mgs 3 times a day for them but I only try to take them as I need to

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I have had two doctors observe my tremor, but have always had tremor in my head when I'm nervous. Since I was very little.  I was a stage actress long, long ago and never had any tremor onstage.  But when I used to do a lot of public speaking (fate worse than death for many!) in my church as a worship leader, my head started to go bonkers again.  So, of all people, my psychiatrist prescribed Inderal for me, and it took care o the problem completely.  

Years later, my last neuro believed I had postural tremor in my right hand, specifically.  Not at all in my left.  My husband also told him  had a wide tremor in my head at times, which I didn't notice.  That neuro thought it was organic, and significant.  Then he ended up blowing me off.

My current neuro, the one I'm so disappointed in now, says I have essential tremor in both hands/arms.  My hands do tremor, at different times.  Sometims it's when I'm holding them out for something, and sometimes it's when I'm doing things.  I notice my fork shakes in my hand, my right index finger tremors when I hold it over the keyboard, thinking of what to type.

This neuro says he can treat me for the tremor, although he hasn't so far.  He says that many of the drugs that are used for migraine will also help with tremor.  Yahoo.

I thought the Inderal worked great, but I wouldn't want to take it every day.  I had no ill side efects, but my tremor is not that troubling to me yet.  Not so much as the leg paralysis!  

Anyway -- I hope this helps, although I can't imagine it has!

Make sure you wrte down that you want to address this issue next time.  See what your doc wants to do.

Good luck,

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Yeah, I'd like to find something mild I can take for the tremors - Inderal seems like using a flamethrower to light a cigarette!  I have the same tremors you describe, Zilla - the fine shakes in the hands, especially when I'm hovering over the keyboard or mouse... or trying to chop something!

I heard of somebody having Metoprolol prescribed for their tremors - has anybody else heard of that?
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