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more of an update

have been gone awhile..since my daughter and grandchildren passed in the fire in august 2011 I have been drinking up a brewery.
Good news is I have not touched a drop in 12days..so happy happy happy.

Feel good , my M.S. is controlled by medical cannabis and a damn Effexor a day.  There were more Rx a few years back but the mmj helped cut that down.  I do have an occasional Naproxen for inflammation and a Oxazepam every now and then for anxiety.
Other than that , life is turning around finally.
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I am so proud of you.  WAY TO GO !!!  I can only imagine what you went through, and are still going through.  

I'm sorry that I can only relate to what you are going through, but we / as a group are here to help you, support you, and be your friend.

Drop by anytime, and know that someone here will ALWAYS answer you....

I'm so glad that you see the light at the end of the tunnel,

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thanks ...I spent many days and nites here before the fire...and I enjoyed it here ...lots of great people...but after the loss of my Sarah, Chloe, Maxime and Jacob...I lost it in the beer ...and lots of it ....now I had a choice snap out of it....or loose the best man in my life ....easy ...drop the beer done , fini , capute...xoxo
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I have been sober since September 22 1981 and I do it by not taking a drink today. The days add up. Sorry for your loss that is terrible.

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I'm sorry for your loss and glad you have found your way back here.  All you can do is take it one day at a time!  Sounds like you are on the path to healing.  Lean on us anytime!!  

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I am so very sorry for your loss.

Congratulations on your new sober life. One day at a time.

Keeping you in my prayers.
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There is still my wish to sit, hold your hand, and have a good cry with you- Checking out via the alcohol may have been the only way to cope at the time with the horrible pain from all your losses, and I am so happy to read you are stepping back into life and living again, complete with all the joys and heartaches that come with that.

We may be virtual friends, but we are still friends nonetheless and are here for you - there are a lot of people here who can relate to the challenges of sobriety from their own paths.  Be sure to  come around often for all the support we can give.

Good for your man to help you get back to taking care of yourself. Welcome back.  

Hugs and more hugs, Laura
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thank you again feels good to be back and clear minded lol sorta...
my one problem in these first days is a pain in my liver...It is tender, seems better today I gavaged myself with green tea yesterday.  Also added a cranberry supplement pill oh yes and H2O my least fav. liquid.

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I have uploaded pics of my new couple of Westies and pups...cause if loosing Sarah and the kids was not enough, the day after I buried them, my beloved Westie WALL-E only 2yrs old passed away suddenly and quickly overnite...:(
So I got up...had another funeral for my lil pup....and the next day I went and found these two....they are a blessing and have given me 15 pups in almost 2yrs.
that is it...
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Welcome back!

I do not know why I did not know what happened to your family in 2011 - perhaps I was offline for a bit or something, but I surely remember you.

What a tragic loss - I am so sorry, and cannot even imagine the grief you must carry with you. Congratulations on your sobriety, and your journey through the dark times. You are a strong woman, or you'd surely not have made it through.

Wrapping a welcome back cyber hug around you and look forward to seeing you around.
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I'm sorry for your devastating loss. But I'm happy you realized that there was no solace to be found in the bottom of an empty beer mug!

Kyle (25 years sober & counting...)
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well day 19 and my liver pain is gone...geez it was tender there lol
damn ....my inspiration was Athena Lee from the Ex-Wives of Rock...we have been friends on facebook since her show started and I saw her go through many things including cancer and booze...I saw her wake up and I did too. She is like a sponsor to me and I will not screw up comes Tommy Lee's from Motley Crue is her bro and she said she will come kick my butt lol. Hope she brings her brother too.
She regularly sends me words of encouragement. Any reason is a good reason to quit.
Sarah and the Children....Karma will take care of her babies Daddy...his time will come
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hey still here still sober just wanted to drop in and say hi...no meds for the m.s. just cannabis in vape , smoke and edibles ...look good and feel great
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good for you, glad you checked in, and are doing well.

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